A little about me and how I came to be in such a sad state

I’m a big fan of movies and TV, but especially of shipping. Some people are shippers and some aren’t and it’s hard for one kind of person to understand the other – but if you’re the type of shipper I am then my kind of crazy will make a certain amount of sense to you.


Unfortunately, I’ve been cursed in that the characters I want to get together/end up together aren’t always the characters that the author or script writer wants to get together/end up together. I guess I’m just a rebel. I’ve also been cursed with a love for secondary and minor characters. But on the other hand, I have most fortunately been blessed with a strong imagination, and have found ways to cope.

But, as if that wasn’t enough, the curse got worse… I moved on from just wanting unconventional/non-canon couples together to shipping incest just about every chance I got. The very thought of incest used to disgust me to the point of physically shuddering (literally), and then that disgust just went away. It completely vanished.

I remember seeing the film Angels and Insects when I was in middle school and being so disgusted by the scene of incest that my friend thought I was overreacting

In the film (a period piece), a man catches his wife having sex with her brother, and learns that the affair had been going on since before they were married, and that the father of his children is really his wife’s brother.

I remained squeamish for a while, but I think I was just in denial, because I had always been drawn to cousin and stepcest ships.

When I saw Bring It On, I remember thinking that Missy and Cliff Pantone (Eliza Dushku and Jesse Bradford) would have made a very good-looking couple, and wishing they weren’t siblings. They had such a delightful bantering relationship – I just thought that they would have made a very appealing couple to root for. Haha, now I make fun of people who think like that.

9780609808665The dam broke after I read a novel called Pretty Boy by Lauren Henderson when I was a senior in high school. The narrator realizes that she looks just like her lover’s mother, and then proceeds to have a fantasy in which she is his sister and the two of them get into a pillow fight that ends with sex.

Well, after my initial shock, I found myself quite thrilled by the whole idea. I’m not sure how or why my earlier disgust –  my more-or-less natural repulsion to the incest taboo – faded so completely. But it did. This author totally corrupted me and ruined me for life, LOL. She made me feel like it was OK. Which makes me wonder how long I had been disposed towards incest-shipping without really realizing it. It just took someone looking at it in a fun way to make me realize it interested me too.

This blog is my outlet, because I tend to keep this narrative kink of mine pretty secret – I’m a closet incest-shipper.  I do have a younger brother, and I’d be humiliated if he ever stumbled onto this site and knew it was mine. It’s not as if I’m interested in him, but it would be awkward to explain and a lot of people make assumptions about this kind of thing – especially people who aren’t shippers and just don’t get it. And while I think everyone understands shipping to a certain degree, that understanding has a limit for people who don’t live and breath it like some of us do. And who don’t ship as many different kids of ships. Because, honestly, I’m into all sorts of inappropriate kinds of ships.

I call some of the most ubiquitous, popular and compelling brother/sister pairings “gateway incest ships” – like Cesare and Lucrezia Borgia from The Borgias, the Pevensie siblings from The Chronicles of Narnia, Justin and Alex Russo from Wizards of Waverly Place, or Jaime and Cersei Lannister from Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire. They tend to call to the surface the latent incest shipper in those disposed towards it, to wrench open and then stop the incest shipping door. And then there’s really no going back. Once you have one incest ship, it’ll never feel off-limits ever again.

Cliff and Missy will always be my gateway, even though I didn’t actually become an honest-to-goodness incest-shipper until a few years later. Pretty Boy opened the floodgates. And after that I never looked back. In fact, I deviated even further. Instead of shipping Missy and Cliff but wishing they weren’t brother and sister, I was glad that they were…because that was HOTTER. (The horror!)

It’s more than just a “fetish” or narrative kink, though. I’m not just talking about the titillation or vicarious enjoyment of a taboo or shaming act (and incest is really one of the last frontiers in that respect where our society is concerned). And even though the greatest satisfaction of shipping comes from the overcoming of the greatest of obstacles, and incest truly is one of the greatest obstacles (and I prefer brother/sister pairings where incest is considered an obstacle – both internally and externally – but a surmountable one) – that’s still not all that attracts me to incest shipping.

There’s also a sort of appeal to the simplicity and purity to the yin/yang idea of brother and sister, which is, I think, why the idea of twincest is so much more popular. Most mythologies/creation myths – Roman, Egyptian, etc. – involve an original brother/husband and sister/wife – sun and moon, earth and sky, etc. I think there’s a part of us that longs for that complementary understanding of the world.

I also, personally, have a very family-centric view of life. I hate it when a character has to leave behind their world to go be with the one they love. When they leave their parents and siblings behind in another time or a dimension or whatever. I can only ever tolerate it when they don’t have any family and friends. It’s not that I don’t believe in the love between a husband and a wife, but when half of all marriages end in divorce, it just makes sense to me to foster and prioritize the relationships with the people who are going to love you no matter what and forever. Of course, not all families are happy, healthy places. I realize that too. But mine is, so that worldview has probably affected what kind of shipper I am.

It’s probably why I don’t just want the brothers and sisters that I ship to have sex or some sort of physical relationship, I prefer for them to love each other above everyone else. I even love it when they’re totally codependant, which in most other relationships (real life or non-incest ships) would totally bother me.

And that’s how I became what I am, and how this blog came to be. Because I would watch a movie, like Bring It On, and ship the brother and sister hard, and I would want to find something on the internet, just something, from someone who shipped them too. But no, nothing.

But the one thing that I’ve learned in my years on the internet is that I am never the only one. YOU ARE NEVER THE ONLY ONE. So I started up this place.

And now you can mainly find me on my tumblr: shipcestuous.

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  1. Beast of the Sea says:

    “But it’s about more than just a “fetish”, there’s perfection and beauty in such a pure union. And it sure would have saved Romeo and Juliet some trouble. Again, I hope I don’t need to stress that I’m talking about fiction.

    And it’s not that I just want them to have sex or some sort of physical relationship, I prefer for them to love each other above everyone else. I love it even more when they’re totally codependant, which in any other relationship would totally bother me.”
    Oddly enough, you pretty much described my thoughts on (fictional!) brother-sister incest perfectly, down to the codependency and not liking it in other relationships. It’s odd how that goes…

    • Shipcestuous says:

      Thanks so much for commenting! (I’m going to reply to each of your comments individually. I’m not sure how this works, if you’ll get a notification or something. Hopefully you will.) I can tell from search terms and links that have been clicked on that people have been reading my posts, but I so rarely get comments that each one is very exciting from me! It’s particularly exciting to hear from someone who ships the same couple or from time to time has the same view. I tried to layout my thoughts on shipping brother-sister relationships and how I came to do it and why I can’t seem to not do it, but I always have to wonder if someone is actually able to understand what I’m trying to say. But it sounds like you understood what I was getting at. I feel so self conscious about this blog a lot of the time that it’s really reassuring to get some positive feedback. The only reason I started it and maintain it is because I know I would be searching the internet to find something like this, and there has to be at least a handful of other people out there who are too. I’m certainly not trying to appeal to the masses.

      • Beast of the Sea says:

        *heh* Belated reply here, but since I was visiting your blog again…

        I understand perfectly. (I came here from TV Tropes, myself.) As I’ve commented elsewhere, I’m not good at subtext, but I’m sufficiently bad enough on the compulsive shipping front that I ended up shipping a brother-sister relationship when I only came up with it as a hypothetical squick… *shrugs*

        Ship was Ariana Dumbledore/Aberforth Dumbledore from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, by the way. I hate to go off on a tangent, but since I can’t think of much else to say to finish off this comment… Even canonically (that is to say, platonically), Aberforth really never got over his sister. He even has her portrait hanging in his room for nearly a century (98-and-3/4 years, to be exact) after her death, he looks like a “grubby schoolboy” when he says that “I was always her favorite. […] She liked me best.”, and he still holds a deep grudge against Albus for all that went on during the summer of 1899… a month before the summer of 1998. He never married, as far as we know. Even the jokes about Aberforth and goats suddenly become less funny in context – Aberforth mentions that, when Ariana was quiet, she would help him feed the goats. So even any odd quirks he had with goats could have tied back to his time with Ariana.

        Ariana’s dead, so we can’t say much about her feelings, but according to Aberforth, he was her “favorite”… and from his descriptions, he was the only one who could get through to her at times. Considering that even their mother couldn’t bring her down from a rage, but Aberforth could, that’s saying something.

        That’s all without putting on any subtext goggles. Okay, now for some various reasons/helpful factors to nudge it over the edge:

        Ariana is insane, so she wouldn’t necessarily have the Westermarck effect in operation. Plus, Aberforth’s one of the only two males she really saw for seven years – the other being Albus, who was A) doing his best to stay away from his siblings and B) gay. Sure, Grindelwald came in towards the end, but I think he was a bit too busy with Ariana’s brother to go chasing after her. And Aberforth was “always her favorite” anyway. Shoo, Ariana/Gellert shippers. Shoo, I say.

        Albus neglected his family to go rushing off to “study” with the aforementioned Grindelwald… leaving Aberforth alone to take care of Ariana. From a shipping standpoint… how convenient.

        As already mentioned, Aberforth is really hung up on his sister. I even saw a Harry/Ariana (time travel) story that commented in-story (*pulls up quote*) “If he had had a love of his life, then it was his sister”. It meant it platonically, of course, but I toss that out as evidence that even those who DON’T ship it in the slightest recognize that Ariana was the love of Aberforth’s life. (*cough* Actually, I just checked the full quote. “He had never fallen for anyone. Never liked girls. Or boys. If he had had a love of his life, then it was his sister.” Yes, I swear that story was Ariana/Harry, with not a smidgen of incest. It was called Mad Sanity, if you want to check it out… that quote’s from Chapter 20.)

        Those are the main reasons. You’ve mentioned the Tam siblings from Firefly in the past – from what I’ve heard of them, it comes across as a similar dynamic (with Aberforth as Simon and Ariana as River, of course).

        I wish I could pull up more subtext, but… that’s a fair amount when their relationship is really only described for 4 pages, I’d say. It’s really not that far from canon… I swear that all I need to shift it over is to have Ariana kiss Aberforth, and it all follows with remarkable ease. I invoke the “Big Brother Attraction” trope as a summary on Ariana’s end. *shrugs*

        As for fics/ANYTHING on this pairing? Sadly, no. Even I tend to write them as platonic(*). I know of THREE Ariana/Aberforth fics out there (two and a half, to be honest):
        There was some fanfiction.net fic in Spanish in which Ariana mused about various things, but finished by thinking about how Aberforth was special – I can’t describe it very well, since it was rather odd and probably botched by Babelfish. It was labeled as possibly Ariana/Aberforth. (That would be the 1/2 of an Ariana/Aberforth fic.)
        As for the other two, http://community.livejournal.com/dumbledore_cest/1138.html is one, and I remember http://karmicsunshine.livejournal.com/37005.html had an Ariana/Aberforth double-length drabble (though a not exactly canon-compliant one… since when is Aberforth a Squib?) in one of the comments. (I can post it in a reply if you can’t find it.)

        If you’re not interested in Ariana/Aberforth, it’s still worth your while to check out that karmicsunshine.livejournal.com link – it contains a LOT of pairings, various Weasleycest ones amongst them. I remember Ron/Ginny and Percy/Ginny, in particular. (Heck, I *wrote* one of the Ron/Ginny ones…)

        (*) Which doesn’t look terribly different from the incestuous version, I might add…

        Anyway, sorry to evangelize for this ship, but I wanted to have some content in this comment, and wound up with more than I bargained for. 😛 Suffice to say, yes, you’re not alone. And thank you so much for this blog!

        • Shipcestuous says:

          Ah yes, “compulsive shipping” – that’s the perfect way to describe it. For me, once I went there, there was no going back. Nothing else could ever compare. Shipping has the greatest payoff when the two characters overcome obstacles to be together, and it’s hard to find a bigger obstacle than the fact that they’re brother and sister. So, for me, most other kinds of ships don’t have quite the same…oomph.

          And there really is no more choice in the matter for me. There are siblings pairs I like more than others and ship harder – obviously, for whatever reasons – but I can’t help but consider them all and ship most of them.

          Harry Potter has a huge place in my heart, and I absolutely love the Harry Potter fandom because of their tenacious grasp of the story, their creativity, and their appreciation for some of the smaller but still captivating characters. Ariana and Aberforth and their story are great examples. It has been forever since I read The Deathly Hallows – I just read it once in the summer when it came out, and I read it in a hurry because I was leaving on a long trip and wasn’t taking the book with me. So the book details are fuzzy in my mind. And it’s funny that I don’t remember shipping them while reading the book. But when I went and saw DH2 a few months ago, shipping them was pretty easy to do. The way Aberforth had her picture up on the wall, and had never married, and had never forgiven Dumbledore. Too perfect.

          I know I’ll be reading the Harry Potter books again, and I’m sure I’ll be in a much better shipping mindset for them when I do. Right now, it’s hard for me to picture Aberforth as a young man, which is really making it difficult.

          My favorite incest ships in Harry Potter are definitely Ron/Ginny (I ship Ron/Hermione primarily, but there is SO MUCH to be done with Ginny), Fred/George (I mentioned a couple of times on here that slash shipping isn’t really my thing, but co-dependent brothers is a total kink of mine), and Sirius/Narcissa and Sirius/Bellatrix (even though they’re only cousins).

          Evangelizing your ship is totally welcome here. In fact, that’s sort of what this place is, since a lot of the movies and shows I wrote about aren’t exactly water cooler subjects.

          And by the way: I would welcome other authors here if you or anyone else is interested. I was thinking about posting what you had written on Chris and Clare, and now this on Aberforth and Ariana, as entries in their own right with a credit. But if you wanted to, you could write up your own entry. The work is mostly done.

          I find that writing these entries is a really nice way of calming my frayed shipping nerves – it’s an alternative to writing fanfiction, making fanvids, doing graphis and gifs, etc. But I’m also a compulsive archivist and record keeper, so it might just be me.

          And that “thank you” means so much to me! I’m so happy that we’re beginning to form a little group.

          Thanks for the links. I know there’s tons of fanfic on livejournal that I haven’t read yet. I’ve known about the site for years and years, but I’ve never been active on it. I should set-up a sister-page for this site and figure out how it works a little bit better.

          • Beast of the Sea says:

            I don’t really automatically ship anything, but I find that, for me, ‘don’t ship a given brother/sister ship’ tends to mean ‘haven’t ever really thought about it’. 😛 Once I do give it some serious thought, I tend to ship it. There are exceptions – if the siblings don’t like each other or just don’t ping as a possible ship, I’m not going to force it – but that’s about it. (Though if I see a fic with such a pairing, I’m going to be clicking, even if only out of “morbid curiosity”*… I just won’t actively ship it.)
            * Then again, “morbid curiosity” usually translates into “Within the day, I’ll be scanning through Google for more”, so take that with a grain of salt. 😉

            “Harry Potter has a huge place in my heart, and I absolutely love the Harry Potter fandom because of their tenacious grasp of the story, their creativity, and their appreciation for some of the smaller but still captivating characters. ”
            Preach it! 😀

            As for picturing Aberforth as a young man – My mental image of the young Aberforth is a scruffy adolescent (the “grubby schoolboy” of Harry’s imagination) with short, uncombed, slightly wavy auburn hair, piercing blue eyes, high cheekbones, a long nose, and a wiry build. He tends to wear a surly expression (and has the attitude to go with it) except when he’s around Ariana, at which point he softens up greatly. (I tend to doodle a lot, so I have firm mental images for characters.) Characterization-wise, I see him as generally embittered beyond his years by all that’s happened to his family, having given up on the world except for Ariana, and being somewhat of a Deadpan Snarker (to invoke TV Tropes) as a result. He has no friends; he has people he associates with at Hogwarts and in Hogsmeade, but he more gets along with them than likes them. He doesn’t care about school; he’s smart, but can’t read – he’s dyslexic (I think it’s plausible) and struggled to do it in the first place, then, after he gave up on the outside world, didn’t even bother to try. He gets into fights, sometimes, and has one hell of a right hook…as Albus ended up finding out.

            On a lighter topic – Heh, yes, Ginny of the six brothers. And I think Sirius/Bellatrix could easily happen in an AU – Bellatrix is a lot like a darker version of Sirius, so if Sirius had retained his allegiance to his family rather than splitting off, they might have gotten along well. Besides, the Blacks are implied to believe in a bit of intermarriage, right? (Walpurga’s portrait makes a slip in Deathly Hallows and refers to Grimmauld Place as “the house of my fathers” (emphasis mine), so she’s probably at least a cousin… At least. :P)

            “Evangelizing your ship is totally welcome here. In fact, that’s sort of what this place is, since a lot of the movies and shows I wrote about aren’t exactly water cooler subjects.”
            I guess it is, isn’t it? 🙂 Thanks!

            “And by the way: I would welcome other authors here if you or anyone else is interested. I was thinking about posting what you had written on Chris and Clare, and now this on Aberforth and Ariana, as entries in their own right with a credit. But if you wanted to, you could write up your own entry. The work is mostly done. ”
            I’d be honored if you posted it! Thanks! 🙂 😀 (I posted something on Fire Emblem over in the comments of the Borgia post, so you can take a look at that, too.)

            I’m mostly on the fanfiction side of things, but I have some fanart I ought to scan and post… Unfortunately, I’ve been off of all my regular sites for over a year – basically, in an attempt to force myself to focus on writing a chaptered story for once, I went cold turkey on Livejournal (and related sites) and fanfiction.net (and related sites). I have a short attention span, so I tend to write one-shots and then run off to the next thing, while I have tons of ideas for stories but never focus enough to even get through the first chapter of them… So I wanted to change that. -_-;;
            Attention Deficit… Ooh, Shiny!: Invoked hard.
            I should be returning soon, though. 😛

            “And that “thank you” means so much to me! I’m so happy that we’re beginning to form a little group.”
            Oh, thank you! 😀 It’s good to talk about all these ships.

            Regarding Livejournal – you do know of the Weasleycest comm, right? That’s the main place I know of as far as (het) incest ships go. There’s also a Luke/Leia comm here: http://community.livejournal.com/binarystars_ (though I don’t know how active it is). That’s all I know of, I’m afraid. The various “kink memes” will occasionally have an incest prompt filled, and usually have surprisingly high fic-quality.

            LJ’s a good place; it’s fairly simple to work. All you need to set up shop is a username, a password, and a working e-mail address, and from there on out, you can start posting, commenting, adding icons (a few, at least), and joining communities with abandon. Remember to sleep. *cough* 😉

            One of its nicer features is that you can search for communities/journals with the same “interests” (say, “harry potter”, “ron/ginny”, “fire emblem”, etc.) as you have. You can also “friends-lock” entries (that is, make them only visible to members of your “friends list” – or, in the case of LJ communities, members). I think you’d enjoy it. 🙂

            Have a nice day! And again, thanks for the site and interesting discussions!

            • Shipcestuous says:

              Oh I’m on tumblr, and I totally need to remind myself to sleep, so I’m sure livejournal will be the same.

              I’ve got my share of attention deficit disorder as well. I prefer one-shots for fanfic. I’ve written a couple of longer stories – 40,000 words or so – and they take me forever. I really have to push myself to finish them. One took me four months even though I planned to finish it in two weeks. But that one I made myself finish because I had enough regular readers to make it worth it.

              I think it’s great that you doodle. I’m much more of a word person, I couldn’t draw if I was drawing to save my life. Thanks for the description of Aberforth – I really liked that. You should put your stuff up on deviant art, because I love looking at fan art and I’m sure everyone appreciates having more selections.

  2. Remington says:

    I love you for having Seppia and Seppius on your blog! I also love that you break down exactly what goes on with their facial features and what’s going on in their minds. I thought I was the only one who thought Seppia and Seppius were “shipping.” I’m all for it because they are both hot as hell. I wait for Spartacus every week in hopes something more will come of the two.
    ❤ Remi

    • Shipcestuous says:

      Welcome! I’m so glad you enjoyed what I’ve written about Seppius and Seppia so far. I love the show as a whole, but each week I mostly look forward to seeing more of the two of them and their relationship. I plan on keeping up with their relationship on my blog, and analyzing what I can. Hopefully we’ll get to see a lot more of them. Thanks for taking the time to comment – I really appreciate it!

  3. queencest says:


    I read your “about” before but never had a chance to comment. I love what you said about the yin and yang and longing for that complementary understanding of the world. I also relate to what you said about the family-centric view. The more you think about it, it can sometimes feel odd how you can marry or go off with a complete stranger (especially when marriages used to be and still are arranged) and leave your family and everything you know behind. That is so often what you are suppose to do in life – leave the nest.

    • Shipcestuous says:

      I’m glad you revisted my “about” and commented. I rewrote it a few months ago, just to express my ideas more clearly. I didn’t change the gist of it. I just really wanted people who visited the blog to have the full story available if they were interested.

      I think the whole “leaving the nest” thing is very interesting. Because it varies in different cultures and classes and time periods. Two hundred years ago an unwed daughter would in many cases live with her parents until death. In Latin America, it’s very common for parents and grandparents to be part of the household. And in very wealthy families, especially in the past, the sons, even when married with children, would remain in the same house. I’ve been reading up on ancient Rome a bit, and Julius Caesar was going to divorce his niece’s daughter from her husband and marry her to someone else. Even though she was married she was still first and foremost attached to the family into which she was born. And in some matrilineal societies, the children are taken care of and inherit from their uncles and not their fathers. That’s considered to be the more important bond.

      It’s biology that we grow older and have children of our own, but the whole idea of a household and things like that is very much based on tradition and resources. I just find it all really fascinating. And I, personally, have this great desire to keep my family all around me forever. So looking at other cultures and being able to say “supposed to” do this and “supposed to” do that is really just relative is something I enjoy.

      • queencest says:

        Very well put and I agree.

        I think especially in North America people can’t wait to “leave the nest” and escape their family. When someone is close with their family and especially a certain person within the family it can be looked at as weird because after a certain age that is not suppose to happen.

  4. stranger says:

    I never in a million years thought I would stumble onto a blog like this. What a discovery! Not only do you and I think very much alike, you can really write! I love that.

    Boone and Shannon from Lost were my gateway. If you want to introduce someone to the idea of shipping sibling incest, you can do a lot worse than a scene in which Maggie Grace seduces Ian Somerhalder.

    I like the banter, and natural chemistry that a good sibling pair has. The reason everyone loves the Cesare/Lucrezia pairing, for example, is because they are happier together than anywhere else with anyone else. It’s friendship and trust that make the pairing work. Whether it’s twins, or a protective older brother, or any dynamic you can think of. And it’s that same friendship and trust which is endangered when romantic and sexual feelings are thrown into the mix. It makes for very intense storytelling.

    I’m glad I found your blog. I’ll be reading quite a bit of it.

    • Shipcestuous says:

      Thank you for your compliment about my writing!!!! Welcome to the blog. I was so glad to see this comment – it’s always so wonderful to meet a kindred spirit.

      Boone and Shannon, eh? I shipped them quite hard back in the day. I’m still not over being angry that Boone was killed off so early on, or that Shannon wasn’t his destiny in the “sideflashes”. That was right around the time I became an incest-shipper, though slightly before. I remember shipping them, but it probably wasn’t until they were revealed as step-siblings, which, not coincidently, is the first time it’s revealed that anything physical happened between them. But looking back now I can see plenty of UST before the reveal. You’re right – the two of them would make almost anyone ship incest.

      You make a great point about Cesare and Lucrezia. They were each other’s sanctuaries in so many ways, especially in the first two seasons.

      I love what you said about the friendship and trust being endangered when romantic and sexual feelings are thrown into the mix. That’s a great way of putting it. I always feel so inadequate when I try and describe why I ship incest, but I never get asked because I think everyone who ships it a lot too understands the appeal.

      One of my favorite things about shipping incest is that no matter what their dynamic is like, the bottom line is that they love each other. So you can put them in all of these different positions, even pose them against each other, but it’ll always be 10x more complicated when they’re siblings. You’re right – it’s just intense storytelling, which makes it very exciting.

      I’m glad you found my blog too! Some of the commentaries are more sane than others, and the earlier ones are a lot more to the point. If you’re on tumblr be sure to join me over there. Same URL.

  5. kate says:

    Hello, I just want to say I’m almost exactly like you in that I rarely (honestly I can only ever count a handful of times) ever feel satisfied with official couples/canon pairings. I don’t know why, I know a lot of it is on me, & I’ve always had some irrational urge to go for the underdog or less popular pairings. The few times I did like canon pairings (like in Berserk) it’s cause there’s proper build up & pathos to it, but I almost always feel like after a while when they become a pair the romance just gets boring and uninteresting. I guess I always like it when there’s a sort of tension & when the characters are in the buddy buddy stage but not there yet, it’s kinda why I don’t really like Katara/Aang & Mai/Zuko cause I didn’t feel there was proper build up (absolutely none for Mai/Zuko) for either of them & katara really didn’t show any romantic interest in Aang other than in a few out of character moments here & there in the show. It’s kind of why I prefer Zutara even though it’s not my ideal pairing, but they’re chemistry is interesting & if their friendship blossomed into romance it would’ve felt completely natural, imo.

    & I use to be a much bigger brother/sister shipper, and in a sense still am, though right now it’s dormant I guess. Even when I was younger I always like Zucest, lol, & I still have a softspot for it these days even if it isn’t my favorite avatar ship.

    I do really enjoy Johann/Nina (or Anna) in Monster as a pairing, which is weird cause the latter wants nothing to do with him, but I always thought they look great together. lmao

    & I adore Farnese/Serpico in Berserk as well.

    • Shipcestuous says:

      The build-up is so important to me. Every once in a while I like a love-at-first-sight ships, but that’s the exception rather than the rule. I like to see how the couple fell in love. And that’s also my favorite part to see. I think that’s probably why non-canon is such a big draw for me – because it’s always in that stage, lol.

      Thanks for those details about Berserk and Monster. That definitely rounded out the recommendation.

      I agree about Katara/Aang and Mai/Zuko – the lack of build-up was a major drawback for those relationships. They just never felt like they were painted real.

  6. Elements4 says:

    Hey, I just found this site through your tumblr. Thanks for all the work you put into this, I’m probably going to be spending a lot of time on here in the next week or so.

    Anyway, I thought I’d share my own experience w/ incest shipping since I’ve never talked about this with anybody, and need an outlet.

    I never really had that disgust response to incest, at least not that I remember. I remember when I first watched Star Wars as a boy, and wanted Luke and Leia to get together (not realizing they were siblings). Can you really blame me, though, I mean they kiss on screen! I was a little young to seriously ship anything though, so I mostly just let it go.

    My first real foray into incest shipping incest (and shipping at all, and fandom in general for that matter) was with Avatar: the Last Airbender. It startled out with me stumbling across some… enlightening fanfiction on adultfanfiction.net. Since then I’ve been casually shipping siblings together in the various fandoms I’ve been interested in.

    Then I watched Frozen and if anything it got worse. I know this site is for brother/sister stuff only, but Elsanna is… well a pretty awesome ship. I received quite a shock when my sister told me she shipped them as well (and also Sam and Dean from Supernatural, talk about an odd converation, but I digress).

    Most recently my obsession has been on Pietro and Wanda, those fricken’ adorable twins who are totally in love with each other.

    My interest in incest started out as just the ‘hotness’ factor and taboo nature of it, but it eventually grew to be much more than that. Primarily its the unbreakable nature of family ties (particularly sibling relationships) that appeals to me so much. People lose contact with friends. Marriages are as likely to end in divorce as not. Widows can marry again and move on. But even if you move oceans away from your sibling, there’s little doubt that you’ll see each other again. There’s no divorcing your brother, and if god forbid your sister dies you’ll never get another.

    Anyway, thanks again for this amazing website. Its really nice to know that I’m not alone.

    • Shipcestuous says:

      Hi! Thank you so much for sharing your experience because that’s always fascinating to me, and I am happy to be an outlet for you. That’s really my whole goal here and with my tumblr. A lot of belong to different fandoms and have different ships but it’s just nice to be with other people who ship incestuous relationships too.

      I’ve heard from a lot of people that they shipped Luke and Leia when they were kids. George Lucas has no idea what he’s done, lol.

      I’m all about the A:TLA ships and Elsanna is pretty great too. That must have been a pretty hilarious conversation with your sister. You’re really lucky that you guys can be honest with each other about that. I know so many people who only have friends who are totally hostile to incest shipping and it’s really hard for them.

      I think a lot of us got into incest shipping for the hotness factor too, and then here we are, years later, still shipping incest because we’ve come to appreciate all of the other ways in which it’s so great. That infinity of it appeals to me as well. There’s that love between them no matter what, and that timeless relationship that exists from when they were born until forever.

      You are very welcome!

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