The Vampire Diaries

I’m a little obsessed with The Vampire Diaries right now, and that’s why I’m writing about it more than anything else.

Originally I did not ship Elena with her brother Jeremy. In fact, it was my go-to example of a brother/sister relationship that had a lot going for it that simply did not interest me. But season 2 got me a little more interested.


Warning: Spoilers through Season 2 Episode 9 – Katerina

Now, if you’ve seen the show, then you know that Elena and Jeremy are not technically traditional siblings. But they were raised from birth (his, he’s younger) as brother and sister, so they are adoptive siblings. And if that wasn’t enough, they’re cousins. Jeremy’s father (Elena’s adoptive father) is brothers with Elena’s biological father.

So, that’s more than close enough for me.

One thing that I have always admired about Elena is her dedication to her family. The series begins with her in a deep funk after the death of her adoptive parents (but she didn’t know she was adopted at the time, not that it changes anything). Everyone takes the deaths of their parents hard, especially if you’re young, especially if you lose both of them at the same time, but Elena likes to hang out at the cemetery and spends untold hours writing in her diary, so she’s taken the loss deep in her core.

Jeremy has been sent spinning in his own way – namely towards drugs, sex, and the bad crowd. Now, if you know me, then you know that I HATE drugs, and I hate bad crowds. So, it’s easy to understand why emo Jeremy, sarcastic, disrespectful, drug-doing and drug-dealing (sort of), and enamored of the somehow even more annoying than him Vicki Donovan bugged the hell out of me. If it weren’t for my concern for the already fragile Elena, I would have been rooting wholeheartedly for his death and my freedom from having to see him on my screen.

Elena tells Jeremy (in the pilot) that she gave him a free pass over the summer, but school has started again, and she’ll be there to kill his buzz every time. Awwww. Jeremy shrugs her off, and doesn’t even find her maternal protectiveness endearing, but I do. In fact, another reason why I disliked Jeremy so much was for the way he treated Elena: like crap. Their parents’ death clearly drove them apart rather than together, and Elena is the introverted type, but I blame Jeremy, because he’s a douchenozzle.

Jeremy and Elena now live with their Aunt Jenna, who is, as you can see, a fox. The actress is about the same age as the actors playing Jeremy and Elena, and while there’s definitely more of an age difference between the characters, it’s still pretty obvious that she’s young.

Elena’s biological father, John Gilbert, played by the delicious David Anders, seems like a more responsible potential guardian than clueless Aunt Jenna, but for whatever reason he does not have custody and does not live in Mystic Falls. Perhaps John didn’t have the heart or the inclination, perhaps only Jenna could move to Mystic Falls, into the same house where Jeremy’s parents lived and John’s job kept him elsewhere. Perhaps the writers didn’t think up John until halfway through the season…we’ll never know.

Another picture of David Anders because why the hell not?


Jeremy and Elena have bedrooms upstairs that are right next to each other, and they share a bathroom, so we often see them standing next to each other brushing their teeth and whatnot. I don’t know, there’s something about that I like. I’m sure lots of siblings have a situation like that but it’s still a little couple-y when it’s them.

As Jeremy continues to drag himself into trouble, Elena is there every step of the way, trying to keep him safe. After Vicki spirals downward (largely helped by Damon, her vampire not-boyfriend) and ends up dead, Elena crosses a line and has Jeremy’s memory changed by Damon. Of course, after Jeremy finds her meticulous diary, it comes back to bite her in the ass, spawning a reinvigorated hostility from him. Still, I admire her efforts. As an older sister, I can empathize, although thankfully my brother is not so wayward.

I’ve actually come to appreciate Jeremy’s impatience and anger with his sister. Everyone else luuuuuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvvvvvvves Elena, so it’s nice to see someone always calling her on her shit. He’s the only one immune, and it’s actually kind of refreshing.

So, the tenth episode of the second season is set to air this Thursday (after a three-week break that was total agony for me and for many others, I’m sure), what’s changed? And is it possible that Jeremy is likeable now?

….sort of. He’s no scene-stealer like Damon, but he has shown marked improvement. I no longer want to drive an ice pick into his forehead, so that’s progress. Is it the hair? Maybe. That’s usually what’s responsible for me liking a male character more than I ever did before. (I’m not joking.) He’s also wearing less black, which makes him look less like he sits in his room writing poetry, listening to metal.

He’s also treating Elena better, but without being glamoured by her, so to speak. Although in show-time it has been two weeks or less since the season premiere, for Jeremy it as been eons. He has gotten over the death of Anna, his second dead vampire girlfriend (killed by Uncle John…complicated family), and now that he knows about the vampires, and now that the gang is in danger every second of every day, he’s stepped up to protect his sister and to be proactive.

Unnecessary touching

He’s also got designs on big sis’ bestie Bonnie, played by Katerina Graham.

While Bonnie is stunning, I have to wonder (in a ship-goggles-y way) whether his real motivation is curiosity – Bonnie is a witch, and he seems to like that most about her. Given his romantic past, Jeremy’s obsession with the supernatural and the dark might be guiding his libido. Either way, this recent development (three episodes ago) has revealed a more charming side.

“Do you want to dance while we’re waiting?”

“No! I mean, no thank you.”

It sometimes happens in real life that guys or gals date or even fall in love with or even marry the best friend of their sibling. And by no means is that in most cases in any way suggestive of incestuous feelings. But in fiction it can be a little bit more suggestive. I’ve seen enough canon incest to recognize it as a trope. The incestuous feelings cannot be consummated so the parties seek the next best thing (intentionally or unintentionally), or there has been an ugly break up between the siblings and this is the revenge/next best thing, or both siblings are drawn to the same person in a way that has incestuous hints, etc. I’ve also done enough writing to have used this trope myself and it makes sense as a device for incest. So, even in non-canon situations, I find it significant, or at least worth mentioning. So Jeremy’s interest in Bonnie is potentially supportive of Elena/Katherine, especially since Bonnie has been Elena’s best friend since they were young children.

But, you ask, where is the sibling sparkage I hinted at? The sparkage that not only I witnessed, but which was commented upon by the masses?

Was it Jeremy’s selfless attempt to give his sister his life-saving ring? Was it his close encounter with his sister’s handsy doppelganger? You’d think so, but no, not even that. It was their suggestive hug after her kidnapping, and it was kind of epic, to steal an adjective from the show.

But first, the build up.

206: Plan B

After Jenna met with a little accident (not fatal) at the hands of the aforementioned Katherine (the evil doppelganger of Elena), Jeremy became even more invested in the defense effort. He and Elena shared a nice little moment where they hugged and Jeremy comforted her, telling her that Katherine would pay.

Elena, who had been told by Katherine to break up with Stefan or else Katherine would kill her family, finally does break up with Stefan after Jenna is stabbed. I like Katherine…she delivers. No, I love her. I want to take her behind the middle school and get her pregnant. This is one time when Elena was truly idiotic, but at least she saw the light of day. Elena explains to a teary Stefan that “Jeremy might be next.” So, the danger to Jeremy was what finally knocked some sense into her thick skull.

207: Masquerade, aka The Best Episode Ever Of The Vampire Diaries Ever Exclamation Point

(I edited this post in 2018 and Masquerade is still my favorite episode.)

When Elena tries again to tell Jeremy not to get involved, and that things are safe now that she’s broken up with Stefan, Jeremy essentially tells her that she’s an idiot. It was appreciated. He also tells her that this is bigger than her, which was also something she needed to hear. She cares about people, but sometimes she really does think that she is the center of the universe. Which she is, but she’s not supposed to acknowledge it! Just because she’s crying and blaming herself for being the cause of all of this does not whitewash her Elenocentrism.

Jeremy delivers a message to Katherine who is masquerading as Elena at…a masquerade. –


Considerably Less Smug

*sexy eyes*

Katherine threatens him, but in a touchy-feely way. I wish she had gone a little bit farther, but I’ll take what I can get.

If I leave my eyes closed for any longer everyone is going to know I’m not just blinking

This was also the first time he’d ever seen Katherine, so he didn’t even really have time to digest the fact that it wasn’t Elena. You can tell he’s freaked out, and I think it’s 50% scared to death and 50% please don’t come on to me.

Katherine has done a spell to link her to Elena, so when she gets hurt, Elena gets hurt. Jeremy is with her as she is receiving the inevitable hurt, and he tries to give her his ring, but she won’t take it, because she’s an idiot because she needs him to be safe.

208: Rose

Elena has been kidnapped, but Jeremy doesn’t realize it right away, he thinks Elena spent the night at Stefan’s. He knocks on her door, and when she doesn’t answer him, he proceeds right into her room. We already know he’s not disposed towards respecting privacy considering the fact that he read her entire diary. Typical little brother hijinks…if he was 11. Considering they’re both in high school and he’s only a year younger, there’s actually something highly suggestive about him reading her diary.

“If you and Elena are going to have sleepovers…I want in. I mean, you’re going to have to tell me, so that I can cover for her with Aunt Jenna.”

Discussion of the episode revealed that many people thought Jeremy was taking an inordinate interest in his sister’s love life. I, for one, did not think that. I think that now, of course.  At the time I saw it for what it was: a plot contrivance. But the diary thing – that’s another matter.

Jeremy does what he can to save her. This doesn’t include very much, but it doesn’t include a blood donation so that Bonnie can do a locator spell. Except for Uncle John, Jeremy is Elena’s only known living blood relative.

He has to leave the rest to Stefan and Damon. Stefan and Damon are successful in their rescue attempt, but they drop Elena off at home because she “wanted to be with Jeremy”. Awww. See, that makes me remember why I like this girl. She really does put Jeremy first (most of the time), and that’s exactly the kind of thing I want in my characters. Normally, which is to say, if I was more invested in such a bro/sis incest couple, that would be total ship fodder. Of course, Elena might just have been trying to avoid time alone with Stefan, because she may or may not be back together with him and she may or may not have wanted to deal with that at that particular moment. Damon seemed to think they were back together, Stefan spoke back to Damon in a manner that operated upon his assumption. I’m skeptical. Stefan and Elena have a history of being as bad as Bill and Sookie in terms of temporary break-ups.

Elena gets home and goes up the stairs and runs into Jeremy and Bonnie. Bonnie sneaks in and hugs Elena first, but you can tell that both Elena and Jeremy are counting the seconds until Bonnie pulls away and they can hug each other. And when they do hug it just oozes sweetness. It’s a tight hug, and you can tell how much comfort Elena is taking in his embrace, and how relieved he is to have her back in his arms. He hugs her with everything that’s in him, and it’s beautiful. Do you know what else is beautiful? His arms. Yeah, Mr. Steven McQueen can hug me anytime. He looks like a man, here. Like a superman. Do you see the way he pushes her head against his shoulder? He’s so strong. It’s like he’s got all of this unbridled strength, energy, force, and he uses it all to hug her, but the second he lets go he’s going to use it all to save her.


That is not what was so controversial.What made eyebrows raise was the way Jeremy was rubbing her lower back, and even more so, the way he kissed her neck.

Watch his hand

Dare I use the word “stroke”?


 Nina is around 21-22, Steven is 22-23, Elena is 16-17-18, and Jeremy is 15-16-17. So, Steven is older than Nina, but Elena is older than Jeremy. Steven has done a great job of seeming like a underclassman, but I now see his potential to play someone of more stature. (I know what I’m talking about, because I am one of the few TVD fans who saw McQueen in Disney’s minutemen when he actually was a teenager.)

And the other siblings on TVD?

I also want to talk briefly about Damon and Stefan.



Well, development on the Stefan/Damon relationship has been on the backburner this season. They have a gloriously complicated relationship that I definitely ship in one form or another.

It’s more complicated because I ship them with their canon love interests too.

In fact, with all my multiships, I think I need on OT5 to fix it or something.


Caroline, Stefan, Katherine, Damon, and Elena in the Vampire Diaries Love Pentagon

First let me note that upon revisiting the first season – having seen the episodes of the second season so many times I was forced to move backwards – I was obliged to bring up the intense sensuality of episode 20, Blood Brothers, particularly the scene in which Stefan forces Damon to complete his transition in to being a vampire. They practically have a symbolic threesome with the girl they feed upon. You have to see it. You just have to. If it’s the only scene you watch.

Damon and Stefan seem to be growing closer as Damon becomes reformed, even as the pressure of their mutual love for Elena drives them apart. When Damon and Stefan were attacked, Damon’s concern for Stefan was very clear. Damon drank some vervainade (temporary poison, not fatal in this context) on accident, was coughing and burning, and Stefan, even though he had many a reason for being pissed with his brother, was patting him on the back and getting him water. It was very sweet.

The events of Masquerade were briefer, but more intense. Damon and Stefan set out to kill Katherine, but Katherine makes herself hard to kill.

Stefan is afraid, and wants to back down, but Damon can’t allow it:

he puts his hands on his brother’s shoulders, and makes him look him in the eyes. “We can do this…together,” he says. It works, Stefan is reassured, he nods.

Damon adds: “I got your back.” Awwwwww. That’s as close to an “I love you” as we’re going to get from the elder Salvatore brother any time soon. This is one of my favorite moments between them.

The Vampire Diaries: check it out!

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