Vampire Diaries (again!): I’m Gonna Be In The Back Playing With My New Little Toy

I am delighted to be bringing you more in the saga of Jeremy and Elena Gilbert so soon.

If you haven’t already read it, please check out my  first entry on the Vampire Diaries for some background information.

Warning: spoilers through The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 10 “The Sacrifice”.

You can imagine my joy to find plenty to giggle at in last night’s short-hiatus-breaking episode after having only just hesitantly jumped on the Jeremy/Elena bandwagon (What do you mean it’s not a bandwagon if I’m the only one on it?) and having only just done a post on them. While the episode was not the show’s best, it was like a big Irish breakfast after a long, dark, cold night. It was entitled The Sacrifice, and it was disgustingly full of people deceiving each other in order (to attempt) to save each other. These selfless acts were pure, and to be admired – the problem was that the plans were deeply flawed, and each of our self-sacrificial persons ended up looking like weak, emotional, myopic fools with no impulse control. So that was fun.

As much as I’d like to keep telling you what I think, my commentary on the plot is hardly relevant.

And anyway, the most exciting thing about The Sacrifice was Steven R. McQueen’s new haircut! Is that boy smokin’ or what? It was also confirmed for us that Jeremy is 16 years old. (But the actor is like 23, so…)

If you’ll recall, Jeremy and Elena are adoptive siblings and biological cousins.

Elena (on her mother’s side) is connected to the supernatural, and her distant ancestor (5 centuries distant), Katherine, now a vampire, is also her doppelganger – they are played by the same actress and are totally identical (ignoring mannerisms and style – Katherine’s are better) to our other characters.

If you’ll also recall, I was rather tickled when Katherine intimidated an idiotically-audacious Jeremy by threatening to kill him while fixing his tie and making sexy eyes at him. Jeremy was a healthy mix of mortally petrified and totally creeped out. Oh, and turned on? Yeah, I think so. I’m a straight woman and I would have been turned on – that’s how sexy Katherine is.

So, speaking of the sexy Katherine, she is currently imprisoned in an underground tomb which has been spelled to trap any vampire who enters it. She’s dangerous, so this is a good thing. What’s bad is that she has in her possession the moonstone which the good (ish) guys need.

Katherine was put into the tomb after the masquerade party, so all that she is wearing is her scanty masquerade dress. Her hair looked fantastic at the party, but I don’t think the ‘do’ has really held up. Either way, she’s still the hottest thing around, and starvation either hasn’t taken its toll or is complimentary to her in its early stages.

If you couldn’t tell at the masquerade that she was sexy just by looking at her…

…she’s also eating a strawberry so that you’ll know for sure.

Gratuitous second picture of Katherine eating a strawberry

Katherine is not to be trifled with: she’s not only a vampire, but she’s far older than Damon and Stefan. Even though she has only been in the tomb for about a week or so, she has been weakened by her inability to feed. Our guys decided to finally make their move and get the moonstone, but they need the help of resident witch Bonnie to temporarily lift the spell so that they can get in, get the moonstone, and get out.

What they do not realize is that Bonnie finds magic rather taxing, and is more than likely not strong enough to lift the spell. Jeremy does know this, and also knows that he has to prevent Bonnie from trying at any cost, especially considering the fact that her grandmother died trying to do the same thing a few short months ago.

Bonnie creates a magical powder which when thrown at Katherine is supposed to take her down for about a minute or so. Jeremy steals some of the powder and sneaks ahead to the tomb.

He gives her a chance to yield it willingly. (Yeah right). She says: “If you want it, you’re coming to have to come here and get it.” Is that an invitation?

He shoots Katherine with a stake

(but not in the heart)

and throws the powder on her.

So far so good.

Now he has to look for the moonstone.

But where is it?

Oh, you want this? How unfortunate for you.

Although Jeremy has not yet been to visit Katherine in the tomb, he may or may not know that Katherine has had the moonstone on her person every time she has made an appearance from its dark depths. It doesn’t seem wise, but I think she enjoys dangling it in their faces so much that it has been worth the risk. I think Katherine might be a bit of a magician, and not in the Bonnie sense: a little sleight of hand, and then all of the sudden she’s holding it up. Where did it come from? In her skimpy dress, one has to wonder. I guess the director has been purposefully cutting to the person visiting her while she fishes it out of her shelf bra.

Jeremy apparently assumes that Katherine has the moonstone on her, because the first thing he does is search her.

That’s right. Poor Jeremy has to frisk his sister’s doppelganger. More than frisk.

And I called Katherine handsy for straightening his tie.

What luscious lips…

We actually saw a parallel of this scene in the pilot, when Elena searches Jeremy’s person for pot.

“Oh, my, Jeremy…”

Elena, don’t you know that high school boys get hard-ons from accidentally brushing up against railings? You can’t just go and feel him up like that! No wonder he pushes her hand away. He’s not pissed, he’s terrified.

“Let me help you with that…”

(I’m sure you can guess that he didn’t actually have an erection. Just a small stash of pot.) That’s one of my favorite scenes between them – it shows how far she is willing to go to look out for him. She’s not afraid of him not liking her, she knows what’s best for him and that’s what she’s going to do.

The show tastefully goes to commercial for the majority of the search – when we resume, Jeremy makes a last ditch attempt to pat her up before accepting that the moonstone must be elsewhere. So, unfortunately, we don’t get to see him stick his hand down her dress or up her dress, but he had to in order to be sure, right? I mean, that dress has no pockets. Zero pockets. She’s barefoot. She wasn’t holding it – that’s easy enough to check. There’s only so many places she could have been keeping it.

Poor Jeremy.

This was the moment when he should have given up and jumped back to safety.

But no.

Jeremy ventures inward, not at all hurrying.

I was hoping that Katherine has been hiding the moonstone, but it was sitting rather obviously on a shelf, conveniently lit by some sunlight peeking through a hole.

He grabs it, and goes to leave…

But he doesn’t make it. Katherine has bounced back, and she’s hungry.

Props to Jeremy, who had the presence of mind to throw the moonstone out of the spelled area even though Katherine had taken a huge chunk out of his neck and was drinking him dry.

“Oh, you want this? How unfortunate for you.”

When Bonnie, Stefan, and Damon show up to carry out their plan, you can imagine their dismay upon learning that Katherine how has a hostage.

But Jeremy is more than a hostage!

As I mentioned before, Jeremy has a magical ring that protects him from being killed by a supernatural creature. If he is killed, he’ll just come back to life. This was how he survived a Damon neck-snapping, and why he thought that even though he was only human, he actually stood a chance at surviving a Katherine encounter. This was also the ring that he tried to give Elena when she was connected via spell to Katherine, who was at that moment under attack.

Jeremy’s life-saving protecto ring, not to be confused with Life Savers, the fruity hard candy

Katherine knows all about the ring. She knows that it’s just as easy to rip it off, or cut off his fingers, as it is to kill someone who’s not wearing a ring. But Katherine is a smart cookie, and she realizes that she can drink every last drop of Jeremy’s sweet Gilbert blood, and he’ll just reanimate good as new. Which means that Katherine has a self-replenishing food source. No one was going to let Jeremy die, so he wasn’t really in danger of starving or anything like that; Elena and co. would have provided him with whatever he needed.

Delicious, right? I mean, you wonder if it can get any better, and then it does. That’s how this show is.

Katherine holds Jeremy up for Stefan and Bonnie to see (Damon left), and tells them that she’s going to be in the back, playing with her new little toy.




Damon once referred to himself and another of Katherine’s beaux as her boy toys to Katherine’s face. Does that mean anything?

Well, she does what she says. She and Jeremy disappear for an indeterminate amount of time. I wonder if she went so far as to kill him? It’d be so great for him to come back to life in her arms the way he did in Elena’s. Well, we don’t know what went on back there. Mostly blood sucking, I’m imagining. But Katherine’s greatest complaint about the tomb has been boredom, so when Katherine says that he’s her toy, I have no doubt that she’ll find ways for him to entertain her.

Katherine’s demand is that Bonnie lets her out. She brings Jeremy back out to check on their progress, and Jeremy doesn’t seem to be all that weak, so I’m guessing he had died and come back at least once, because Katherine would have been smart and drank until his blood was coming out of her ears.

Bonnie tries to take down the spell, but unfortunately, Bonnie isn’t strong enough.


Katherine, either because she’s pissed, or simply in a clever manipulation, goes to take another chunk out of Jeremy’s neck very ostentatiously in front of Stefan and Bonnie, and Stefan dashes in to save him. Why? Because he’s an idiot, that’s why.

I could rant for pages about why Stefan should not have done this, but I’m not going to.

And I needn’t bother getting all worked up, because Stefan and Katherine in the tomb = delightful.

One has to wonder if it was her plan all along. Just look at that smile!

But I do regret the good times Katherine would have had with Jeremy in the tomb. Katherine loves love…it’s fact. So if she’s bored, I imagine what she’s thinking about is sex. Like most of us. How long before he succumbed to her charms? And how would he face Elena having (repeatedly) banged her doppelganger? I am having so much fun imagining this. In the words of Katherine: “The Shame!”

So, granted, all of this business was with Katherine and not Elena, but Jeremy’s perilous trip into the tomb was to save both Bonnie and Elena. And you can’t get away from the fact that Katherine looks just like Elena – how could that not matter? I’m definitely unmovable on the idea that Damon and Stefan are incapable of entirely separating their love for Elena from their love for Katherine. That’s right, in case it wasn’t clear, both Stefan and Damon had sexual and loving relationships with Katherine at some point in the past. She only recently revealed her darker side.

I realized that I did a disservice in my first Elena/Jeremy entry by not discussing the first episode of season two in more detail. At least I should have provided pictures, because Elena holding Jeremy after Damon has just snapped his neck is truly moving.


He’s lying there, dead. She goes over to him, and eventually discovers that he was wearing the magical ring. Phew!

She holds him in his arms until he comes back.

The coming back is a little rough, very disorientating for him.

Once he realizes what’s going on, he reaches up and puts his hand on his arm.

Her shirt doesn’t really have sleeves, so this is a very skin-y moment, lots of flesh contact.

Stefan tries to insinuate himself, but no one wants him there. He’s like Bonnie, rushing in to hug Elena first in the episode Rose. Back off, Stefan!

This reminds me that one of the other great things about this scene is that Stefan is far more concerned about Damon and the implications for Damon than he is about Jeremy. Gotta love those brothers!




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