The Boy (And His Sister) Who Cried Werewolf….And Were Ones…And Others, Without Their Shirts On

This is a little bit silly. Nickelodeon recently did an original movie called The Boy Who Cried Werewolf with a prominent brother/sister relationship. The sister (played by Victoria Justice of Victorious) is a teenager and the brother is a few years younger which doesn’t make it ideal but there were enough cute interactions to make it interesting in a future-shipping kind of way. (And it turns out that while there’s a larger age difference between the characters, the actors are less than a year apart.)




Chase Ellison plays Hunter Sands in The Boy Who Cried Werewolf, the younger brother.


This is a movie about a California family (Dad, 16 year-old Jordan, and her younger brother 14 year-old Hunter) who inherit a castle in Romania from a distant uncle/cousin person. Upon arriving, the evidence that werewolves are real mounts.

Spoiler warning!

Jordan has contact with werewolf blood and turns into one, but fortunately, her uncle was working on a cure. Her brother, savvy about these things, tries to help her out. Unfortunately, a group of vampires want the castle for themselves and they’re not giving up without a fight. Hunter realizes that he, too, is a werewolf through his family just in time to help defeat the vampires and get Jordan the cure before she stays a werewolf forever.

What was refreshing:

Vampires that are actually evil

Dorky girl who gets popular after getting dark, coarse, unwanted hair

Bloodline werewolves (my favorite, though not currently unpopular)

Return to eastern Europe

Kids who are into monsters

Doppelgangers (OK, not so refreshing, just plain old fun)

Girl werewolf (granted, it was by infection, not like the brother)

Watching a vegetarian be unable to resist meat (I admire vegetarians but I also enjoy seeing this):


What wasn’t refreshing:

Ugly duckling storyline

Perky woman who turns out evil (I like peppy, upbeat, perky, bubbly people, so sue me):

Evil-seeming housekeeper who is actually good

Dorky girl finds love in a foreign land

Seeing every twist a mile away

What wasn’t funny:

Almost everything that was supposed to be funny, especially Brooke Shields as the housekeeper.

The script for the movie actually struck me as pretty tight. I decided to clip it, so I went through it trying to decide what to trim out, and ended up only shaving off about 10 minutes of the 85-minute film. That’s quite impressive. I’ve cut a lot more from movies I liked a lot better.


Jordan’s love interest in Romania is Goran, played by Stevan Grayhm. I just looked him up on imdb, and he’s like totally old! He’s 12 years older than Victoria Justice. There’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just hilarious. He shows up as a foreign exchange student at Jordan and Hunter’s high school at the end. I’m so glad to hear that a 30 year old can still play a high school student. The best part is that I never would have guessed he was actually over a decade older than the character he was playing, unlike Paul Wesley on The Vampire Diaries who looks every bit his 28 years old and not 17 like Stefan is comically supposed to be.

Wow, things just keep getting better as I research. Chase Ellison, who as I mentioned, plays Hunter, is actually the same age as Victoria! Well, she’s about six months older, but that’s it! He seemed quite a bit younger, but apparently that’s not the case. This movie just got more interesting!



Jordan is your typical dorky girl, which is to say, she wears glasses and keeps her hair back in a ponytail, and she’s always blowing her nose. Oh, and she’s super clumsy – how could I forget? She’s tormented by the popular girls, has a crush on a popular guy who barely notices she’s there, etc. You know this story. Hunter enjoys monsters and pranking and is having some residual difficulty dealing with Mom’s death, and with Dad starting to date again. Hunter’s prankish behavior is bound to cause some tension with big sis, but they actually get along pretty well, all things considered. In fact, there was something so pure about their relationship that shipping them together almost feels more wrong than usual…but like I’ve said, I just can’t help it anymore.

It’s pretty cute how much time they spend together. They seem to have a lot of activities in common. Granted, they don’t know a lot of other people while they’re in Romania, but still. Jordan’s love interest, Goran, invites her to look around the city with him, and she turns him down. The next day we see her walking around with Hunter. Hmmmm.



“What happened to your face?”

Now, it’s only natural that brothers and sisters antagonize each other. Or, at least that’s what a golden rule in fiction comedies.

So what I love to pick out is what brothers and sisters tease each other about – I like to look for the psychology in it.

“I was at a party” -“A costume party?” -“Not funny”

So when Hunter teases Jordan for wearing make up, I have to wonder what’s really going on. He seemed pretty put out about it, too.

The two go in search of stronger Wi-Fi, and end up finding some rather interesting goings-on: their uncle’s laboratory, for one.

But the housekeeper Miss Varcolak (or something like that) is soon alerted, forcing them to hide in a closet. Hmmmm.

Jordan is startled and drops a test tube. She’s barefoot, and ends up stepping in the mess, cutting her foot and getting contaminated blood in her wound at the same time. Uh-oh.

Hunter pulls the glass out for her.

That’s a nice brother for you.

An intimate if disgusting situation.

Hunter is the first to start picking up on her weird behavior…guess he’s also an observant brother. And her behavior gets real weird, real quick.

Now, wolves are actually quite different from dogs, much more than I would have guessed before I did a little research on it, so having werewolves behave like your family pet is not exactly logical.

But werewolves aren’t real, so I kind of hand-wave it. I say this because Jordan begins to act very much like a dog: running out into the park and rolling in the grass, that sort of thing.

I’m also willing to hand-wave it because of what it causes Jordan to do: she sort of nuzzles Hunter, and rubs up against him.

Not quite like a dog would, but in a very doggish way.

It’s really more a lot of heavy breathing, closed eyes, and caressing of his face, though.

Definitely ship fodder for me.

Victoria and Chase look much closer in age here

And Hunter seems so much younger, but like my research pointed out: Chase is only 6 months younger than Victoria.

Is it just me, or does Hunter not look very happy here?

Jordan’s frolicking in the park ends up in a date with Goran, whom she had already met in the butcher’s shop. Yep, he’s a butcher’s assistant.

There’s some definitely predatory about the look she gives him as he rides his bike away, before she turns to an impatient and concerned Hunter. Goran had offered to show her around town when they met before, but she turned him down. That’s right, she wasn’t even interested in him a first. What brought about the change of mind? A change of palette, I think. Jordan’s only interested in him now because he’s got access to massive amounts of meat, and that is not a euphemism.

Hunter’s friends (they were great, I loved them) convince him that Jordan is a werewolf after he describes her symptoms, and then they convince him that she more than likely intends on eating her date. Hilarious!

So Hunter has to follow her.

How often do you get a brother following a sister around on her date so that he can protect her date from her?

Jordan and Goran end up necking in a dark corner, and Hunter abruptly interrupts them. Was she going to eat Goran? We’ll never know.

She realizes that something crazy is happening to her, but she’s not totally in control.

She acts like she’s angry at Hunter (but it’s hard to tell whether she really is or not), and she jumps away. Literally.

How awkward for him: “Hi, sis, I’m interrupting your date because I was afraid you were going to…” What? Sleep with him?

He goes to confront her later, and she has completely transformed into a beast.

She runs and attacks him.

And she stands on all fours in front of him for a long time like she’s going to bite him, but she doesn’t.

Awwwww. She runs away, jumping out of the second story window.

“Love you”

He calls out, “I love you” after her. Awwww.

The next morning, she’s ready to listen. And she confesses to having eaten a boar the night before. Ha!

She’s worried that she won’t be able to stop herself next time: “What if I go after you…” LONG pause, “…or Dad?” She seems a lot more concerned about hurting Hunter.

He’s got confidence in her.

Jordan begins lamenting about her current state, specifically, “No one wants to go to prom with a werewolf.”

Then Hunter says, “First of all, I know a ton of guys who would love to go to prom with a werewolf.”

A ton of guys as in you, Hunter? Yeah, I think so.

But then he says, “I’m your brother; I’m not going to let anything happen to you.” He vows to help her. Awwww. Total heartwarming moment. She puts all of her trust in him. There must have been something there already, some underlying confidence.

They end up kidnapped by the vampires. Hunter, being a bloodline vampire, doesn’t change until the night of the full moon, unlike the infected werewolves who change on the eve as well. Hunter ends up temporarily saving the day. Then the two of them hold off the vampires together until the sun comes up and most of the vampires are killed or driven away. Jordan gets the cure just in time. But she apparently retains some of her werewolf characteristics, because she no longer has a runny nose or poor vision, and she has fast reaction times, so she can make it onto the soccer team.

Hunter, on the other hand, becomes the protector of Wolfsberg, a position of some prominence and privilege, including induction into “man”hood, respect, and awe. –

Jordan seems quite proud of him – it certainly overtakes her date with Goran.

She strolls into the cafeteria at the end, smile on her face, hair bouncing off her shoulders – you can picture it.

Hunter’s friends say, “Hey, isn’t that your sister?” And he turns and looks at her, and smiles. Awwwww.

This is definitely a kid’s movie, and I saw nothing objectionable in it in that respect. But I, of course, enjoyed it for all of the brother/sister-interaction. It was chock full. Hunter and Jordan’s relationship was prioritized, and it was very sweet.

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6 Responses to The Boy (And His Sister) Who Cried Werewolf….And Were Ones…And Others, Without Their Shirts On

  1. Ellie says:

    If you are trying to say that Hunter has a crush on Jordan than you are a psycho! I love this movie so much I downloaded it onto my ITouch so I could watch it anytime. I have seen it a least 21 times and u don’t like that all you have go mention about the movie is they’re “relationship” that is a fantasy. The movie was great and it was better then a lame kid movie it was fantastic and I find Chase Ellison very attractive. Chase Ellison is 17 by the way if to you didn’t already know that. Also, it doesn’t matter I there weren’t any shirtless werewolfs because they had a hawt one already(Hunter). Forget your ungratefulness! 😛

    • Shipcestuous says:

      I am a little psycho – I meant that to be clearer. =)

      I hope I didn’t make it sound like I didn’t like the movie, because I liked it a lot. I though it was funny and original, but overall just very entertaining.

      And I didn’t mean to come down to hard on Chase Ellison. I think he’s very nice looking, I, personally, just happen to be quite a bit older than him (especially than how old he was when he filmed this movie) so I treated him more like a kid. I only included those pictures of werewolves from other shows as feast for the eyes and introduction to the werewolf topic, it wasn’t meant to force a negative comparison with Hunter.

      My blog is about brother/sister relationships, so that’s why I focused on their relationship. I realize that any idea of them as a romantic couple is a fantasy – that’s never been a problem for me. I was just having a little extra fun with the movie.

  2. Beast of the Sea says:

    “he main character, Seth Bullock (played by Timothy Olyphant, whom I love), married his dead brother’s wife and became stepfather to his nephew. Henry VIII made the Bible passage discouraging such a union very famous, but personally I think it’s a great idea. ”
    Fun fact: That particular Bible passage was a bit… unclear – it IS very clear about what it says, but it’s contradicted elsewhere. See “Levirate marriage” on Wikipedia for more; for Judaism, it’s only supposed to be done with your deceased brother’s CHILDLESS widow (so out in this case), but… funnily enough, that was just Henry’s situation. (That is, if his brother ever consummated the marriage in the first place, but that’s a different can of worms…) Let’s just remember that he ended up separating from the Catholic Church and declaring himself the head of the church in England for various reasons, but in part just so that he could stop the screwing around and declare his first marriage was invalid.
    *waves hand* Sorry, I read a lot of Tudor-era historical fiction, and I’ve absorbed a bit by osmosis…

    Not to mention that one of the sons of Pompey the Great did the same with his late brother’s wife. (I think.) So it’s been done before, don’t worry… 😛

    Also, randomly –

    This, “Servant of Evil”, is a Japanese pop-genre song (as best I can describe it) about two twins: one is a princess who grows up to be spoiled and exceedingly cruel because of it, and the other, her brother, is her servant. He displays extreme loyalty to her, and even dies for her sake in the end. It’s a touching song (that is, if you have any idea what’s going on :P), and sounds very nice to boot.
    (Better-sounding remix:

    Now, as for the subtext… Well, that’s a lot of devotion, isn’t it? And he repeats that he’ll be willing to do anything for her, so long as she keeps smiling/laughing. Also… *cough* At one point in the song, he falls in love with another girl, but his sister demands that he kill her – which he does, if unhappily.

    Now, in context, there’s another song (“Daughter of Evil”) recounting the sister’s evil reign, in which it explains that she had a crush on the other girl’s boyfriend, and, because said boy rejected her, flew into a jealous rage and not only attacked the girl’s kingdom, but had the girl murdered (yes, the princess was extremely nasty)… but in “Servant of Evil”, all it says is that the boy fell in love with the other girl – and immediately after that, that the princess demanded that the girl be killed. Um… Gee, out of context, it sounds a bit like she couldn’t stand her brother looking at anyone else… (Until I looked it up to check the context, I frankly was beginning to suspect that was the intended subtext. XD)

    Anyway, do listen to it – it’s a good song. Here’s a fan-animation to go along with it (doesn’t contain all the lyrics, but boy is it one heck of an animation):

    • Shipcestuous says:

      Thanks for that biblical and Henry VIII background information. I love Tudor era history as well, but I’ve mostly stuck to movies and TV shows. Although I have read a biography of Jane Parker, and Anne Boleyn: Fatal Attractions, in which the author argues that maybe Anne was guilty of some of the affairs she was accused of.

      I really enjoyed the song. I guess it’s sort of like a ballad? I feel like a lot was lost in translation, although I could follow what was going on in the subtitles for the most part. The animation in the second video was beautiful. Is this Servant of Evil/Daughter of Evil based on some kind of story, or is it original to the music artist?

      I have to say, even with the extra information about the evil twin sister wanting her brother’s love dead because of a situation with another guy, the fact that the twin brother killed her is enough subtext for me. Their kind of devotion definitely goes beyond the typical limits.

      It was very touching, thank you for posting it.

      • Beast of the Sea says:

        Ah. I confess that I haven’t watched any of the Tudor-era TV shows or movies. I ought to check them out…

        I’m not so sure that much was lost in translation so much as the translation in that video was pretty literal (it might have been written by a native Japanese speaker), and Japanese is a bit of an odd language. What comprises a legitimate sentence is different, it lacks words such as “a”” and “the”, and it tends to drop the subject of a sentence if it can be assumed from context. Here’s a less literal translation that helps makes it read more coherently in English:

        Servant of Evil and Daughter of Evil are original to the artist – they’re part of an overarching story called “Story of Evil” (, but, from the sounds of it, those two were the most important ones.

        “I have to say, even with the extra information about the evil twin sister wanting her brother’s love dead because of a situation with another guy, the fact that the twin brother killed her is enough subtext for me. Their kind of devotion definitely goes beyond the typical limits. ”
        Yes, indeed. And that even after that, he still loved his sister enough to give his life for her, continue to wish for her happiness, and hope that, if they were ever reborn, he would see her again…

        “It was very touching, thank you for posting it.”
        Oh, you’re quite welcome! 🙂

  3. =] says:

    Chase was 15 1/2 when he was filming the movie. #justsaying

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