The Vampire Diaries: By The Light Of The (Silvery) Moon

I can’t say “by the light of the moon” without that “silvery” in there.  Plus, it’s Christmas time after all, and all I can think about is when  Donna Reed/Mary sings Buffalo Gals in It’s A Wonderful Life.

Enough off-topic babble.

I’m not going to do a post on every episode of The Vampire Diaries, but as long as I’m obsessed with the show and it continues to give us sparkling and/or suggestive moments between Jeremy and Elena (or Jeremy and Katherine, as it may be), then I’ll continue to write about them.

Last night’s episode was a major disappointment to me, made all the more painful because it’s the last new episode for seven weeks. Seven weeks! But there were a couple of great scenes between Jeremy and Elena that couldn’t quite redeem it for me – but they put up a good fight.


“I’m so angry with you, Jeremy, because you won’t let me kill myself”

After Elena’s self-sacrificial near-suicide last episode, she’s under house arrest, with Damon, Bonnie, and Jeremy keeping watch over her.

“Elena, why do you keep trying to kill yourself?”

She’s in rather a bad mood in general, but it doesn’t seem like she’s angry at him even though his actions landed Stefan in the tomb. That’s good of her – it is Stefan’s fault, after all.

“If I sacrifice myself, I can save all of you”

“No, Elena. You’re wrong. And stupid.”

“You tested me? How dare you test me! How dare you know me so well.”

Bonnie and Jeremy test Elena to see if she’ll try to sacrifice herself again, and she fails. So, it turns out that Elena’s shortsighted stupidity from last episode is chronic. At least no one is going to let her get away with it now.

Perhaps I should explain: Klaus, the oldest vampire, needs to sacrifice Elena to break the curse that prevents vampires from being in sunlight. It has to be Elena. But she’s not the only sacrifice required: a werewolf and a vampire will also have to die, and and a witch will also be put at risk. In addition, once the curse is broken, vampires worldwide will have that much more power.

So, it sounds like a good idea not to break the curse, right? Well, it seems like Klaus is the vengeful sort, and if he is thwarted in any way, it’s going to be a bloodbath, and everyone Elena loves will be killed. This is Elena’s reasoning. It’s noble, but it’s asinine, because it’s a lose-lose situation for her, and she won’t face that. If she gives herself over the Klaus, then he’ll still need to kill others in order to break the curse, and the curse being broken will probably result in many others dying.

“You’ve spelled the house so that I can’t leave?!!!”

Jeremy, Bonnie, and Damon conspire to babysit Elena and they even do a spell so that she can’t leave the house.


Jeremy’s part in the conspiracy is pretty sweet (or possibly sadistic): after Elena trying to protect him for so long, it’s finally his turn.

“Change of plan…”

Damon gets called away, so he tells Jeremy that it’s his turn to babysit.

“…your turn to babysit”


Jeremy, for the first ever, I think, acts like a real younger brother and teases her. Elena is sitting on the couch with a pillow over her lap. He lays down on the couch, and puts his head on the pillow in her lap.


He seems pretty happy about it, doesn’t he? Elena’s angry about being “babysat”, so it’s hard to judge her real reaction.

Damon jokes that Elena should “get out and enjoy the sun a little bit”. But, “oh wait”, she can’t.

Elena pulls the pillow out from underneath Jeremy’s head and throws it at Damon, which was pretty cute, you’ve got to admit. I wonder why she chose the pillow beneath Jer’s head when there is another one right behind her? Awkward elbow angle? Or does she just want his head resting directly on her thighs? Yeah, I went there.

Jeremy laughs at Damon and he laughs at Elena’s reaction. That’s right – Jeremy laughed! I don’t think Jeremy has had a laugh that wasn’t tinged with sadness all season, and even then it was only a moment or two with Anna.

That’s another reason why he has always annoyed me – yeah, kid’s got it rough, I know, but he takes everything so seriously. At least when Stefan takes everything too seriously it’s kind of sexy.

Jeremy lays his head back down on her lap, even though the pillow is now gone.

And then Elena shoves Jeremy off of her and he falls to the ground.


Now, as the scene played out, there really wasn’t much to gossip about. But Jeremy didn’t know that Elena was going to push him off of her. For all he knew, they were going to spend the rest of the afternoon there watching TV, positioned just like that.

I find it very interesting that even though there was a spell preventing Elena from leaving the house, Jeremy found it necessary to physically hold her down.

Or maybe that was just an excuse.

It’s going to be a long seven weeks.

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