iSteal Spencer Back – an iCarly fanfiction by me

Spencer’s angst face – lest you forget he does have one.

My Spencer/Carly commentary for episodes that take place prior to this fic: Part I, Part II, Part II Part II.

ETA: So I originally had the entire fanfic posted here on this page, but I made some revisions, and decided that it would be easier to just include links.

So, please read on, or Archive Of Our Own.

Originally I was going to illustrate the fic with  GIFs and caps from the show. And then I thought, “No, that’s too much work.” But I did include a few gifs below to get you in the right mood for the fic.

But first, a few additional notes on the story (which aren’t included in the archives):

Other notes: PG-13 rated. A little angsty at times – Carly cries a lot – like Jon Snow a lot – but it devolves into the most ridiculous fluff every once in a while, particularly when one is eating biscuits. Spencer was harder to write than I would have thought, so if anyone is out of character, it’s him. But he’s never been through something like this, so it’s hard to compare. There’s a real lack of Freddie, but he just didn’t fit with the plot very often. The story was a little too plot-driven to be very poetic, so I wouldn’t call it my finest work. But I had fun writing it.

Summary: When Spencer gets a serious girlfriend, Carly freaks out a little. Actually, she freaks out a lot. Can she seduce him away from her new rival before he decides to propose?


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5 Responses to iSteal Spencer Back – an iCarly fanfiction by me

  1. Beast of the Sea says:

    Er… sorry that I haven’t commented on this before; I’ve been putting it off. :D;; In the meantime, though, I’ve read it in full three or four times. 😛

    I’ve admittedly never watched the show, but from the GIFs (and where in the world is the Chapter 4 GIF from?! Upon reflection, I guess it’s his girlfriend-for-the-episode, but I honestly wondered if it was the Spencer and Carly actors goofing around during a blatantly-scripted ‘blooper’ segment at first…) and your summaries, I thought Spencer was in-character. I was surprised that Carly was so ruthless – but, as you pointed out, she DID ask Spencer to give himself a nosebleed with a 2×4, so I suppose she has in her to be calculating when she wishes. And, looking back, she does acknowledge that it wasn’t like her, but she was desperate. Sam, meanwhile, epitomized the trope of Comedic Sociopathy. Poor Emily… XD

    Onto the actual content of the story!

    As far as romantic rivals go, Emily was quite a nice one – and thank you so much for not falling into the trap of bashing the rival love interest. It frustrates me so much when that crops up in perfectly good stories.

    “You’re not even thinking about me, are you? You’re thinking about Carly. I’m breaking up with you, and you’re not even thinking about me. You’re not going to fight for us: I can see it in your eyes.”
    Those were very good lines, by the way. Very telling – and probably the same lines that every one of Spencer’s girlfriends has had going through her head during her break-up scene. Emily just had the chutzpah to say it to his face.

    In retrospect, the Chapter 2 GIF concisely summarizes the Emily plot. 😛

    I’m absolutely horrible at writing romance, so I can’t judge this story’s level of being driven by the plot very well – I thought it had good build-up, made sense, and developed pretty much naturally. It obviously had a certain goal in mind, but heck, so does a lot of shipping fic – and to some extent, all ship-fics do if you know the planned endgame pairing. (Besides, you finished it three days after the previous post – and it’s 17,020 words/54 pages long, if Word isn’t lying to me. Er – do you SLEEP? O_o)

    Sorry if I’m not saying much… anyway, I quite liked it! I look forward to more of your fanfiction! Thank you for posting this!

    Anyway, you may remember that Vocaloid thing I linked you to a week or two ago… Those songs are generated by certain ‘characters’ ‘singing’ songs using their computer-generated voices, and the accompanying videos are made by *very* dedicated fans to go along with the most popular songs. Anyway, since minimal information about the ‘characters’ is given along with the programs, people can and do fit the characters into any variety of situations vaguely fitting that minimal information. So, in one song, Rin and Len (the twins) can be the princess and servant in Daughter of Evil/Servant of Evil, in another they can be ordinary teenagers, etc., because there isn’t really any ‘canon’ they have to conform to.

    That said, here’s a song they’re in which is *ahem* not very subtle about the twincest.
    With English subtitles in the annotations:
    (Link with DIFFERENT English lyrics, which rather change the meaning of the end of the song:
    No subtitles, but the accompanying video goes further with the twincest:
    In summary (if the subtitles are confusing), in this one, they’re presumably ordinary adolescents, but are unhappy because, now that they’re pubescent, they can no longer sleep in the same bed, they’ll no longer be alike, they won’t be as close, etc. On the first night they’re supposed to sleep apart, they’re both miserable, and, after the sister pleads with her brother not to go, they share a… rather close embrace (“We gaze eye to eye, mutually, searching for a response”), and… well, depending upon whether you’re using the subtitled lyrics or the AnimeLyrics translation, they either break off from the embrace and the brother says ‘I won’t make any further move’, or… they DON’T break off from the embrace, and the brother says ‘I won’t make any further move [away from you]’. (I’m baffled as to how the two translators could get such different lyrics, but I suppose Japanese grammar is odd enough that it might be hard to tell what’s modifying what in the original lyrics.) I prefer the AnimeLyrics myself, now that I see them; not only are they more polished in translation, but the ending is (in my opinion) happier. On the other hand, the other lyrics are more angsty, so it’s probably a matter of preference depending upon what you like.

    *shrug* Anyway, I stumbled across this while listening to Daughter of Evil/Servant of Evil again, so I thought I might as well drop you a line. I wish I had more recommendations, but I’m not in too many fandoms at the moment, so I can’t think of anything. Ah, wait. *pause* I did come across a Rin/Len fic on Tumblr, so here you go:

    • Shipcestuous says:

      I love talking back and forth, but I certainly hope you don’t feel obligated to read and comment on each post. I’d hate for it to become a chore for you.

      Yes, the chapter 4 GIF is Sasha Striker, his brief love interest from an early season 2 episode – it’s the one where he’s addicted to the video game, and he beats her score. I did think it was hilarious how much it looked like Carly, but I used it in particular because of what sort of kiss it was.

      A blooper of the actors kissing would kill me. I think I would literally just die on the spot.

      I think the reason Spencer was so hard to write for me is because he changes a lot according to the storyline. Even though his traits are easily definable, he’s not quite as consistent of a character (in terms of spanning comedic to more serious scenes) as the others. But I don’t think I did him an injustice in this story.

      Carly was very deliberate in her efforts, it’s true, and she’s such a sweet girl that it was definitely not characteristic behavior of her. But I still feel pretty good about defending the way I wrote her, because 1) she was desperate, and she was facing a deadline, 2) Emily accidentally gave her permission to go after him, and that was a push that Carly did need, 3) I didn’t describe it too much in my iCarly write-up because it wasn’t relevant, but Carly can be quite the go-getter when she’s after a guy. iQ is a pretty good example, and an earlier episode when Carly and Sam are competing over a guy is an even better one. So yes, she definitely does know how to be calculating and how to lie and scheme.

      And the story never took us there, but Carly would have backed off a little once Spencer had gotten the message. Once she had made it clear to him that he had to choose between her and Emily, she wouldn’t have been so ruthless anymore. But by the time that happened, Emily had already left Spencer.

      I do feel bad for Emily. I didn’t want to go the lazy route of making her unsympathetic and clearly unsuited to Spencer. I thought it would be so much better if Carly and Spencer had to overcome a love interest that was almost perfect for him. But that does mean that we have to feel bad for her. Collateral damage. I’m glad you were able to appreciate the fact that I didn’t make an enemy out of Emily.

      You know, it’s funny that we see Spencer go to some pretty extraordinary lengths to hook-up with some girls, but by the end of the episode he usually just lets them walk right out. I felt like the break-up scene with Emily, and Spencer’s almost nonchalant response, was pretty true to his character.

      Since everything except for the prologue it old from Carly’s point of view, I decided to use Emily to give us a brief glimpse inside her real relationship with Spencer, and not just the one that Carly saw. To Carly it seems like Spencer is wrapped up in Emily and about to dedicate his life to her completely, but Emily tells us that she’s known that she has been playing second fiddle to Carly all along.

      I definitely made no secret of the fact that this was a story about Carly and Spencer getting together, and everything in it served that purpose. I only write romance/shipping fics, and that’s really the only kind I read, so I don’t have much experience outside that kind.

      I did write the story in a pretty short amount of time, and I’m an excruciatingly slow writer as well. But I had already started writing it while I was working on the Spencer/Carly episode analysis, and a few of the scenes I actually wrote last year when I first got into the show. Spencer’s friend Socko’s girlfriend Mary trying to set him up was something I cannibalized from another story I had started last year, for example.

      Some of the reviews I got on are expecting another chapter because I forgot to mention that it was over. I didn’t promise to write one, but I’ve been turning it over in my mind. I don’t have very many ideas, because I really like where Spencer and Carly are right now. But anyway, that might be happening.

      Thanks for taking the time to read and review the story. I’m so glad you liked it!

      I enjoyed seeing more of Rin and Len. Certainly those were most explicit twincest depictions in those videos. I agree with you: I like the anime lyrics translation better. And I loved the fic. It was perfect.

      • Beast of the Sea says:

        :D;; Don’t worry, it’s not a chore! I just wanted to leave a review for a fic I enjoyed, but didn’t get around to it for a bit…

        “I think the reason Spencer was so hard to write for me is because he changes a lot according to the storyline. Even though his traits are easily definable, he’s not quite as consistent of a character (in terms of spanning comedic to more serious scenes) as the others.”
        Yeah, I know what that’s like.

        “I’m glad you were able to appreciate the fact that I didn’t make an enemy out of Emily.”
        *nods* Definitely did.

        “But I had already started writing it while I was working on the Spencer/Carly episode analysis, and a few of the scenes I actually wrote last year when I first got into the show. ”
        Ah, good. I’m now reassured that you wouldn’t be able to turn NaNoWriMo into NaNoWriWeek. :D;;

        I’m not sure what more could really be written, either… There’s always the cliched route of overcoming various obstacles (hiding the relationship*, handling difficulties in their individual personal lives, etc.) and then reaffirming their love at the end of it all, I suppose.

        *Though Sam would probably shrug, mumble “That’s great, glad you two are happy with each other” through a mouthful of food, and then ask if there was any more bacon. 😛

        “Thanks for taking the time to read and review the story. I’m so glad you liked it!”
        Oh, you’re quite welcome! 😀

  2. LIL TRIP says:


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