Seppius is dead.

My previous entries on Seppius/Seppia: 2.01, 2.02, 2.05

And now for 2.06 Chosen Path.

So…Seppius is dead, if you hadn’t caught on yet.

Sucks, right?


Actually, I’m taking it much better than I thought I would. I knew something bad for Seppius/Seppia was coming before I watched the episode, and thanks to Beast of the Sea, had good reason to expect Seppius would die before the season was out.

Still, though.

It just sucks.

I think “very disappointing” would suffice as my commentary for this episode. Probably for the season as well, though that remains to be seen.

But I don’t know, it’s like they want me to hate this show now. The list of developments that I have been against since the show began – let’s just say that list ain’t short. Obviously there are things I like too, or else I wouldn’t be watching it. But the ratio – the ratio is not looking good right now. The ratio might be near tipping after this suckfest of an episode.

So, Glaber invites Seppius over to convince him that they should work together to catch Spartacus.

Seppius is still reluctant, and says he needs to discuss it with Varinius first.

ARE YOU SERIOUS? DUDE, JUST DITCH VARINIUS ALREADY. Seppius tells Glaber that he’ll give him an answer the next day. Glaber doesn’t like this – he gets crazy eyes. Crazy, crazy eyes.

For Jupiter’s sake, Seppius: DO YOU SEE THOSE EYES? Shake the man’s hand. Give him what he wants.

Ilithyia is in mourning for her father.

And can I just say that black is Viva Bianca’s color? I’m really going to enjoy her wearing black dresses all the time. Apparently she’s not supposed to bathe either, but Glaber didn’t think much of that tradition, and I’m with him on that. I was impressed with how sad Ilithyia is. She thinks the gods are punishing her for trying to abort her child by taking her father. It’s only a punishment if she loved her father. It’s nice to know she’s got a heart in there somewhere.

Well, Seppius can see how sad she is. And he says that Seppia is of a similar heart about Sextus and Mercato’s death.

Ilithyia is eager to gain her husband’s favor (they’ve got a The Painted Veil thing going on right now)

So she and Lucretia plot to invite Seppia over and convince her to convince her brother to join with Glaber.

Seppia also seems to be genuinely upset. Traumatized, actually.

Apparently Mercato was a long time family friend. And I’ve thought from the start that this supposed beloved cousin Sextus was just a lot of talk, but now I’m starting to think that he really was beloved.

Lucretia mentions the loss of her husband. Which made go, “Awww.” It was nice to hear Batiatus mentioned by her.

However, Seppia caught on to what Lucretia and Ilithyia were doing with lightning speed. I was astounded at how quick she picked up on their little manipulation. It reminded me of the first episode, and how smart she seemed to be. I’m glad, because like I mentioned, in 2.04 it seemed a bit like Seppius was manipulating her and I didn’t like that. I knew she was supposed to be smart and see through stuff like that, so this reminder was something I appreciated.

Seppia says that her brother can be quite stubborn. (“His passions when set are not easily moved.” Double meaning?)

However, she is eventually persuaded to take their side.

Especially when Glaber came out and started batting his eyelashes at her. (“You’re a ray of light in a house mired in shadow.”) Yeah, Seppia’s little crush on Glaber is back in full force and she’s got the giggles to prove it.

And then Glaber is trying out some new men that he has Ashur training like gladiators, and we see that along with a lot of slaves, he has also all-but-killed Seppius.


Seppius asks about Seppia. Awww. His last thoughts are of her.

Glaber steps on Seppius’ throat and suffocates while telling him that he has noticed his affection for his little sister, and that she will be safe under his roof. With his hands “to comfort her in days to come.” Oh boy.

And Seppius’ death is ugly – his eyes fill with blood – pretty freaky stuff.


They could have at least given us a few more scenes between Seppius and Seppia. This is not just. Can we sue someone? I want to sue someone.

I want my damn incest, OK?

But take heart fellow shippers – we were lucky to have been able to ship Seppius and Seppia, even if that boat floats no more.

And Seppius died with her name on his lips. HE LOVED HER SO MUCH.

Also, Glaber goading Seppius about her was a little suggestive.

And, well, on this show, one half of all my favorite relationships are dead already. I’m used to it.

Of course I don’t approve of his methods, but Glaber, despite being out of his mind, was badass in this episode. He’s really stepped up his game. And I loved what he threw in about Seppia as Seppius was dying, even though Seppius didn’t deserve it. If Seppius had been a true enemy, that would have been pretty awesome. As it was, just a low blow.

I’m really going to miss Seppius. I’m not sad as much as disappointed about what I won’t be getting from this show. But I will definitely miss him, and not just because of Seppia. I’d rather Seppia was dead – I probably wouldn’t miss her. (I don’t really like her, honestly. Not on her own.) I like the way Tom Hobbs says “Spartacus”. I’m going to miss that most of all.

The show giveth, and the show taketh way. Nice, show. Really nice.

On the plus side, I probably won’t be doing entries anymore on this show since there’s nothing to do entries about, so I’ve got some free time coming up. I might do something on next week’s episode, depending on how Seppia behaves. I’m going to feel cheated if she’s anything less than brokenhearted. She was crying about Mercato for f—k’s sake.

I don’t know where they are going with her.

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12 Responses to Seppius is dead.

  1. Beast of the Sea says:

    Well, I suppose I’m glad I was playing the doomsayer for so long… If it’s any consolation, checking the “Seppius” tag on Tumblr shows you aren’t the only one who was ticked, and there were plenty of other people shipping Seppius/Seppia.

    Also found a nice GIF here…
    A bit belatedly, unfortunately.

    Okay, now, can you explain something to me?
    “Seppius is a young, headstrong Roman who leads his own band of mercenaries in the hunt to destroy Spartacus and his fledgling army. Seppius stubbornly refuses to cooperate with Glaber upon his arrival in Capua, establishing a tense competition to secure the honor that will come to the man who finds Spartacus first. Though severe in method and ruthless in character, Seppius will find that it is no small task to spurn the power of Rome.”
    …How did HALF of that get established before his death? “Severe and ruthless”? He didn’t even get to send out troops against anyone before getting offed! And “no small task to spurn the power of Rome” now means “killed by Glaber before he does anything”? *sigh*

    Oogh. I do NOT think it was a good idea to kill Seppius off so early, since he barely got developed before they offed him. His death just came out of nowhere!

    I think it would have made a lot more sense if he had scored a minor victory against Spartacus’s forces and went about bragging about it for a bit, driving the already-tense Glaber over the edge and causing him to kill Seppius before his rival can have any more successes. Besides, that way Glaber could whip up even more panic and fear by arranging it to look like Spartacus’s agents were behind the murder.
    Fanon replacement for the real storyline, anyone? I mean, just… gah! Whatever happened to Chekov’s Gun? You don’t put a major character with lots of potential into a story only to kill him off before he’s fulfilled any of it!

    Anyway, my condolences, and hopefully next week’s episode will be less of a wash. 😐

    • Shipcestuous says:

      Yeah, I know a few on tumblr who shipped Seppius/Seppia and were invested in their relationship. I wish they’d had you whispering in their ear since the first episode, “Seppius will die.” It would have saved them some pain, 🙂

      That description totally overblows the actual importance of his character – you are so right. We definitely didn’tget to see him be “severe and ruthless.” And it wasn’t the power of Rome that took him town, it was crazy murder-happy Glaber.

      It was WAY WAY WAY too early to kill off Seppius. His death wasn’t even sad except to those who shipped him and Seppia, They didn’t even try to make it sad or momentous, which they could have if they had spent more time developing him! And Glaber would have had proper reason to kill him, like you said, if he had scored a minor victory and had been bragging about it. Glaber will be assuming Seppius’ men, though I don’t even understand how, because I’m pretty sure they belong to Varinius.

      Well, hopefully they’ll find other ways to make the show entertaining for me. I think I’m due a little Spartacus/Ilithyia at this point.

      One of the other comments suggested a flashback, and I think it would only be appropriate. Then I got rolling, and thought that they would have reason to flash back to Seppius and Seppia having sex if she was pregnant. That would sure screw up marriage plans for her!

      • Beast of the Sea says:

        *snort* Am I a shipping Cassandra now? :);;

        It’s just so… weird. Of all the ways to kill him, they pick the total non-sequitur? Poison, I could understand. Assassination by Glaber’s hand or by an agent’s, I could understand. But how is Glaber even going to explain this one away? ‘Oh, he was brutally tortured and killed with Spartacus’s forces nowhere nearby – in fact, come to think of it, NO ONE with a motive to murder him was nearby, except for my noble self – and the slaves are still trying to get that nasty stain out of my floor… DAMN but those Wrackspurts are bloodthirsty this time of the year! *whistles innocently*’ -_-;;

        And if he can just randomly kill people… wouldn’t it make a hundred times more sense for him to off VARINIUS? How do we go from him taunting Seppius at the party and getting some nice blackmail material at the end to killing him the next episode? And if it’s over Seppia, Varinius is a rival for Seppia, too… It just makes NO SENSE. I mean, shouldn’t he eliminate Seppius’ boss before Seppius? That way, he could approach Seppius with another offer to work together (in light of Varinius’s sudden death) and, if Seppius refused, to throw his incestuous affair in his face or hint that he could soon meet the same end as his former master. 😐 I’m naturally biased by my shipping preferences, but I think they bungled this development – not least because Seppius is coming off as the proverbial Big Lipped Alligator, and you don’t spend several episodes and promotional material just on a Big Lipped Alligator.
        *goes back from later in the comment and pauses* …And especially when Ilithyia and Lucretia just spent time trying to persuade Seppia to their side? What is the POINT if Seppius is six-feckin’-feet-under?! She’s not going to persuade his CORPSE! *facepalm*

        The only way they could salvage this is if Glaber frames Spartacus’s troops for Seppius’s death… but if so, they should at least have hinted of it in this episode, so we could get ANY impression of Seppius’s death having a POINT. I mean, WTH? Did his actor suddenly get an offer for a better-paying role?

        Hey, with Ilithyia’s pregnancy becoming a plot point, I’d say you’re due for some Ilithyia/Spartacus. (Assuming Glaber doesn’t somehow find out about the Spartacus/Ilithyia from Lucretia and, guessing it isn’t his, promptly off Ilithyia, thus snapping another intriguing plot thread… *sigh* I wouldn’t put it past the show at this point.)

        Hmm… Yes, pregnancy is a possibility. That would add fresh meaning to some of the chats with Ilithyia. It would depend on how pregnant she was, though – if she gets swooped into Varinius’s or Glaber’s arms and misses her menstrual period just before the wedding or otherwise before they would have the chance to impregnate her, she could count back and squeak ‘OH ****’, but still plausibly pass it off as her new husband’s child (since he wouldn’t know her cycle, she could claim it was due a few weeks later and then act excited when she missed that); if she already is a month or two along before she’s married, she’s going to be a-husband chasing like mad to try to procure a father for the child. Assuming she doesn’t take the abortion route, of course, but that would nullify the entire point of having a pregnancy plot in the first place.

        Maybe Seppius will acquire some much-needed character build-up postmortem. 😛

        I mean, not to harp on it, but I can think of so many better ways to handle this. Heck, if they HAD to keep the death, they could at least have Glaber leaving him for dead or throwing him off a (short) cliff – something to make his death ambiguous, so that people could wonder if he could come roaring back. Just… anything but a permanent death from nowhere!

        Oh well. Can only go up from here, right? 😛

        • Shipcestuous says:

          Ugh. Yes to EVERYTHING you wrote here.

          They could have done this so much better. A better developed Seppius and Seppius/Seppia would have meant a much more meaningful death.

          Glaber would have been so much better off killing Varinius. He probably could have managed it while the arena was burning down if he had played his cards right.

          I think you’re right: he’ll blame it on Spartacus. Ohhhhhhh, Seppia’s gonna have so much hate for Spartacus after this.

          I can’t wait until Glaber starts blaming everything on Spartacus. Ilithyia: “Gaius, Seppia said you came to her bed last night and tried to seduce her.” Glaber: “Me? No. Must have been Spartacus.”

          Most of the deaths on this show have had a lot of meaning and point to them. I’m very disappointed in just the writing. Well, here’s to hoping he gets some postmortem development. It’s possible. I will give the show this: they’ve got great continuity. Varro was just mentioned, and it was one of my worst fears that he would never be mentioned again once Aurelia died. So there’s some hope.

          I would have given anything for an ambiguous death. Unfortunately, Glaber was most thorough. Usually I like that – I hate when someone is killing someone, and they don’t make sure they’re dead. I’m not even talking about the whole James Bond villain thing.

  2. jake says:

    obligatory flashback sex scene between seppius and seppia required imo

  3. Caderyn says:

    You better watch the newest episode. It may not have outright bro-sis incest, but we’ve finally got some delicious developments on the Spartacus & Ilithya. Actually, there’s a lil’ bit about Seppius & Seppia as well.

    • Shipcestuous says:

      I knew the episode was good, so I sort of saved it for a couple of days and didn’t watch it until last night, but it was better than I could have hoped for at this point. All of the Spartacus/Ilithyia was perfect, and Seppius/Seppia is finally going to pay out again. Love it!

  4. maomao366 says:

    why you don’t want him dead because you haven’t seen him fuck?

    • Shipcestuous says:

      Well, in a way, yes. What’s more important is that I enjoyed his and Seppia’s relationship – it became one of my favorite parts of the show. It’s only natural that I would be disappointed that he had died. But in a sense, assuming he was going to die (which is a safe assumption given the nature of this show), it would have been nice to have seen something more substantial between him and Seppia before he died.

  5. chantell says:

    I ship Seppius/Seppia too, and I know how you feel. Seppius was fastly becoming my favorite character on the show aside from Agron. At least I still have him. And at least as you said, Seppius died thinking of his sister instead of some other woman right? Guh, I’m going to miss him. Yeah, I was really disapointed by this season too. The only really good thing about it though was the Agron/Nasir pairing.

    • Shipcestuous says:

      Seppius and the Seppius/Seppia pairing was totally wasted! The show never fully developed their potential or integrated them successfully with the rest of the story. It was a major failure. I agree with you about Vengeance – having seen the final season I can now definitely say that Vengeance is my least favorite.

      But the one good thing about Seppius dying is that there was only ever Seppia for him. And even though Seppia had other romantic interests she died avenging her brother.

      I’m grateful that we had them as characters and as a relationship, but I really just get angry whenever I think of the wasted potential.

      Thanks for the comment!

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