Seppia: Vengeance, and Spartacus/Ilithyia!

Well, I thought my little series on Spartacus: Vengeance needed some closure.

Firstly, the entries in that series: 2.01, 2.02, 20.4/2.04/2.05, 2.06

The truth is that I was a little disappointed by Seppia’s alleged mourning in the episode that followed Seppius’ death. She was clearly saddened, and one or two scenes showed her with tears in her eyes. But she was in bed with Glaber before the episode was over, and I just felt like there could have been a lot more to it. Granted, I’m not actually sure how much time had passed. We didn’t see the moment where she first found out – I’m fairly certain that we skipped several days if not more. But it would have been nice to see.

She does show a certain desire for vengeance:

However, I couldn’t have complained too much, because the episode itself was fantastic. Like I’ve said – Spartacus giveth and Spartacus taketh away. Wise Lucretia was beginning to see that Glaber’s obsession with defeating Spartacus and rising in the senate were taking him beyond the realm of acceptable behavior, and she began to fear for Ilithyia and herself. She plotted to have Ilithyia sent back to Rome until the child was born, and tried to sic Gannicus on Glaber.

However Gannicus had ideas of his own. He learned while with the rebels that this whole thing began because Spartacus wanted vengeance for Sura’s death – he’d killed Batiatus, and now he wanted to kill Glaber, whom he also held responsible. So Gannicus decided to try and put an end to the bloodshed by kidnapping Ilithyia while she was en route to Rome – a wife for a wife.

You can see why that is a development I might enjoy, as it’s both extremely exciting and likely to involve an interaction between Spartacus and Ilithyia. Also because it’s Gannicus being awesome.

This all went down in 2.07 Sacramentum.

And 2.08 Balance gave me all I could have hoped for and more.

I was surprised that Spartacus was going to kill Ilithyia. He was going to do exactly as Gannicus had intended for him to do, and kill her in revenge. We’ve seen him kill plenty of people who weren’t soldiers – women included. At least a hundred people died when they set fire to the arena, and some of those could have been children. And we’ve seen Spartacus try to kill Ilithyia before. But still…I thought he would consider himself above such an act.

(Whether he had gone through with it or not, Gannicus was in for a disappointment: Spartacus truly believes in his cause. It’s no longer just about the vengeance for him.)

Spartacus lifted a sword above her head, and he might not have gone through with it even if she had not spoken, but he probably would have.

And then she said it! She told him that the child was his.

Glaber and Ilithyia spent quite a bit of the first season apart, and particularly the episode that followed 1.09 Whore when Spartacus and Ilithyia had sex showed Ilithyia as cloistered in the house of Batiatus for several weeks following the incident. So I truly believe that Ilithyia knows for sure who the father is.

Of course that doesn’t mean that she’s telling the truth. She gave us no indications that she was lying – it sounded like she was telling the truth, and I hope it was the truth. But it’s not like we’re going to see a paternity test. Ilithyia knows how to lie.

Well, that gave Spartacus pause.

While he tried to wrap his mind around the information, Ilithyia turned on her charms, and spoke of how the memories of that night lingered while she reached out for his hand.

Of course we know she’s not making that up. She likes to think about Spartacus.

In the bath.

Spartacus is a little too smart for all that, of course. He mentions that the memory of his hands around her throat also lingers.

But for all that I sill found him surprisingly receptive to her touch and her softer words.

And her harder words. She pulls out her big guns, and tells him that if he becomes the type of man who would kill her and her unborn baby, then she hopes Sura rejects him in the afterlife. That gets through to him. Nice work, Ilithyia.

Spartacus hesitates to kill her now, and starts giving as his primary reason the fact that if he kills her then he is as low as the Romans. Yeah, sure, Spartacus. Whatever. It’s not like you were going to kill her. Oh wait, you were totally going to kill her.

Mira thinks the bitch needs to die. A small part of it is jealousy, certainly. This show spends as much time pointing out Mira’s insecurity in her relationship with Spartacus as it does showing them happy together. But Mira also believes that Ilithyia’s death needs to happen for other reasons, so she decides to kill her herself and spare Spartacus the pain of having killed a woman in cold blood, and his own child. I’m all for Mira doing this, at least from her point of view. Obviously I don’t want Ilithyia to die.

And she doesn’t, because Spartacus saves her just in time! He even helps her to sit up again and I may be making it up but I think he even messes with her hair a bit.  Either way he does this:It’s not like he’s about to kiss her or anything, but seriously, he uses every excuse he can to touch her and get close to her face.

Spartacus is very pissed at Mira. He says that she doesn’t know his heart, which was a direct callback to some dialogue earlier in the episode and an extremely cruel thing to say.


Leave me alone to be with my true love Ilithyia!

The rebels need guns, so Spartacus offers to trade Ilithyia for a wagon full of guns. They got a wagon full of soldiers instead, because Glaber cares more about taking down Spartacus than he cares about his wife, his unborn child, and Albinius’ fortune. For about the billionth time, Glaber underestimated Spartacus’ intelligence and the skills of the gladiators.

Before Spartacus learns that the deal has gone bad, he taunts Glaber by saying that Glaber will always see Spartacus in his child’s eyes – and we know this is because he’s actually the child’s father and it’s delicious – but then he adds that it’s because of the mercy he showed in sparing him/her.

Spartacus decides on mercy anyways. He knows that killing Ilithyia will not be vengeance, because Glaber does not love Ilithyia as Spartacus loved Sura. He tells her that it is not a kindness that he lets her live. “He does not love you as I loved my wife” is what he whispers to Ilithyia. And I’ve no doubt she’s going to be hurt and be furious when she learns the full of truth of exactly what Glaber didn’t do to save her, but she spends this entire scene in wonder.

He lets her go in the woods. I really wonder how this will change their relationship. Her believing that he killed her father never came up, but she was never in a position of power. She was always begging for her life. But Ilithyia is a survivor, I wasn’t looking for dignity. And survived she did!

The woods aren’t exactly a safe place, so I hope she makes it to shelter soon.

I wasn’t going to write that much about Spartacus/Ilithyia, but I couldn’t not.

As for Seppia, she’s regularly in Glaber’s bed by now, and trying to convince him to let the rebels kill Ilithyia, saying that they’ll help each other get over their grief. She’s ready to move in on blondie’s territory. Glaber seems surprisingly affectionate towards her.

Lucretia knows that Glaber is a loose canon and up to no good, but she’s finally able to prove it when she finds Seppius’ snake bracelet among Ashur’s things. After Seppia spends the entire episode working against Lucretia’s efforts to save Ilithyia and bring Varinius back into the picture, Lucretia finally has had enough and tells Seppia the truth.

And then whoa. Watch out. Because Seppia does not take the news well. The framing gets all crazy as we see her taking in the information, a definite sign of upheaval.

And then, perhaps even better, we see Glaber and Seppia in the bath together, and Seppia’s got murder in her eyes. Oh boy.

So at least we know that Seppia’s outrage over her brother’s unjust and cold-blooded murder outweighs her desire to see herself settled with Glaber.

And new episode tonight! Only two left.

As I mentioned, there was a time when I was rooting for Glaber against certain parties. But now I’d like to see Seppia overcome her shyness in taking life and eviscerate that man.

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2 Responses to Seppia: Vengeance, and Spartacus/Ilithyia!

  1. Sparky says:

    I had resigned myself to either Seppius or Seppia dying the minute the characters were introduced. It seemed almost too good to be true, honestly. I was sad when Seppius died, mainly because I liked him better of the two. That aside, I’m really really glad Seppia isn’t going to let this slide. At least from the looks of it, she won’t.

    • Shipcestuous says:

      Yeah, with any incest storyline there’s a fairly good chance that one or both of them are going to die. And if you watch Spartacus then you know that there’s a fairly good chance that any character will die at any time. So the outlook was not good for Seppius or Seppia, though I still take issue with how quickly they killed Seppius off and how little they showed us of their relationship. I also liked Seppius better than Seppia, particularly after her behavior in this episode. But I am also really glad that she’s going to – from the looks of it – actively seek vengeance for her brother’s murder.

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