First of all, let me say, I know this blog has been dead for a few months now. Don’t worry: I am just as much of a loser with no life as before, and still shipping incest like it’s nobody’s business. I’ve been away because my fandom interests have not been at all incest-related, and actually I’ve been rather obsessed with other things and busy doing graphics and writing fanfics for those things and so there’s just no energy or time left for this blog.

I apologize, and I apologize especially to my fellow Axl/Sue-shippers because there was some great stuff at the end of this season and I’m really flabbergasted by how many people mentioned they’d love to read what I had to write about all of it. My overall point is that this blog is not dead, just a little slow right now.

But I just had to write a brief thing on Prometheus. Although, as you’ll see, I’m really stretching the idea of it being an incest ship.

So, sometimes I crack myself up when I ship incest before I even know that it’s incest. It’s almost like there’s a part of my brain that has some sort of paranormal sense about it.

So, I saw Prometheus. Good movie. I kind of feel like anyone who didn’t like it or was disappointed is just thinking about it too hard and expecting too much. I get it – maybe you’re a huge fan of Alien (Prometheus is a prequel to the Alien series), maybe you’ve been waiting for this movie for years, maybe you’re a genius who’s constantly picking things apart. I’m sorry for you, really. But I feel like for the average person it’s a pretty darn good movie. (And there’s nothing wrong with enjoying a movie as an average person.) It’s got some freaky bits, but it’s more sci-fi action/adventure than it is horror if you’re not a horror fan. And visually it’s very pleasant. That’s just my take. I liked the characters, I liked the story, I felt the suspense.

Here’s the trailer.

This isn’t going to be a full blown entry, but I might as well give a few details. Prometheus is a space ship, taking a science team to a distant moon where they believe the extraterrestrial creators of mankind reside. The mission is being funded by an old, rich man named Peter Weyland. I couldn’t find a picture of him. He’s played by Guy Pearce, but in the actual movie he only appears in old make-up. There’s an extra video on youtube of him when he’s young, and maybe it’ll be in the deleted scenes or bonus features on the DVD/blu-ray.  But here’s a picture of him while he’s young:

The main character is Elizabeth Shaw.

She and her boyfriend Charlie Holloway are the scientists/anthropologists who discovered ancient cave paintings pointing the way to the moon and indicating the existence of what they call the “engineers”.

There are 15 others on crew, including Janek the pilot;

David 8, a robot (played by Michael Fassbender);

And Meredith Vickers (played by Charlize Theron) who is overseeing the mission and worked for Weyland.

That’s the set-up.

The relevant relationship is between Vickers and David 8, who are, in a sense, siblings. As I’ll explain.

Spoilers from here on out.

So, everyone on the crew is put into cryostasis for the journey, which is about two years long. Only David is awake. He’s an advanced cybernetic organism. He never behaves exactly like a human, and he doesn’t feel human emotion, but he’s far beyond most robots. It’s hard to describe how human-like a robot is. I could compare him to Cameron from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, though he’s probably even more advanced than that. More understanding of human behavior, more capable of bantering back and forth with a human.

So, we get a montage of David hanging out with himself for two years. And in fact, I think one of the biggest hints at his human qualities comes during this part, because he likes to watch movies, has “favorites”, and he dyes his hair and likes to imitate one of the characters from one of the movies he likes. I mean, what kind of robot dyes his hair, right? (The movie in question is Lawrence of Arabia, and it’s pretty cool, because Weyland mentions it in that clip I linked earlier.)One of his duties is to check on the crew. We see him place his fingers on top of the glass of the chamber that holds Elizabeth (the main woman), and he reads her dreams – we see her memories of when she was a little girl.

For some reason, I went into this movie determined to ship David with someone. I have some weird robot/human shipping kink even though usually I don’t like interspecies romance. I even did some extra research into David’s qualities while deciding whether I wanted to see the movie at all. I wanted to make sure he had enough anthropomorphic qualities that I wouldn’t just think of him as a machine.

I’d seen a number of GIFs of him from the movie, as well as from this bonus video (watch it, it’s good), and well, I love Michael Fassbender that’s no secret. It seemed like it might be something that would work out for me.

Of course, I almost always have a ship for any story. And if I don’t, I make up a character, stick them in the story, and then ship it. I live a ship-driven life. Pathetic really, but hey, I’m having a good time.

Point is I already had a certain picture of what he would be like. But I don’t know, I really like shipping humans and robots. Like John and Cameron from Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, which is the big one.

Then there’s the cylons from Battlestar Galactica, although they were human in every important way – sort of took the fun out of it.





And the movie Android Apocalypse (that wasn’t a romantic ship), which doesn’t sound like a great movie and it won’t be winning any Oscars but I enjoyed it.

And I don’t know if you’ve ever seen Party Down, but there was one episode, I think it was Steve Guttenberg’s Birthday, where they edit a script during the episode and end up creating a female robot character who becomes humanized – it’s hilarious. And I think even had a love story or could have.  (Randomest example ever, probably.)

Oh, and Abed/Hilda on Community. Digital Estate Planning was the episode, #3.20. All the characters play a video game, and Abed ends up married to a character named Hilda in the game. He went back at the end with a flash drive and copied her data, or something.




.Which reminds me of the programs in the Matrix. I totally shipped Neo and that French woman played by Monica Bellucci. Constructs.

And then there’s always the computers that characters talk to. Like Tony Stark and Jarvis. I’ve heard of people shipping that and I actually don’t think they were making a joke. I don’t ship that, but I feel like there is something similar that I do ship, and I can’t think of it. Oh well.

Point is, liking robot characters and shipping humans/robots is something I do.

Anyway, when David did this, and looked at Elizabeth’s dreams, I wondered if I might ship them, even if I was supposed to. But I didn’t like it. It wasn’t what I wanted. But I was also prepared to accept it.

After a couple more scenes of David throwing hoops and watching movies, etc., he goes back to check out the cryostasis pods, and he sees that one is empty, and looks down and sees wet footprints on the ground. And I thought they might have belonged to Elizabeth, they were small and I somehow knew they belonged to a woman. I don’t know why, this little thing of him looking at the footprints totally made me ship him with the footprint-maker. He had this look of curiosity on his face. Surprise, maybe? I assume from the way it’s all set up that he didn’t wake this person up, she woke up on her own. I don’t know if she woke up without his help because she set her own cryostasis chamber to wake her when they arrived.

And then we see Meredith Vickers (Charlize) doing push-ups, and David’s peering through the slightly ajar door just sort of watching for a second but she realizes almost immediately that he’s there and calls him inside.

I pretty much fell into OTP territory right then.

I didn’t even know who she was.

Maybe it’s just Michael Fassbender and Charlize Theron – like, yes, this is a pairing that needs to happen.

And she’s so beautiful doing those push-ups. It almost seems like she’s naked at first but they wear this gauzy white underwear that I don’t quite understand and so she was actually covered. And he’s just sort of watching her. Not for very long, and my memory is hardly reliable, but under other circumstances it was certainly the set-up for a scene of unresolved sexual tension

You could tell right away there was bit of complication to their relationship by their interaction in this scene. They seem familiar with each other. Not just like they’d met before, but like they’d worked together before. She was really short with him – impatient, like she didn’t really like him. Like she enjoyed bossing him around. It could always have been that she just didn’t like robots. But I figured there was more to it. She asks a couple of questions about the progress of the journey, and then tells him to wake everyone else up.

We get a nice contrast with the rest of the crew, they’re all weak and vomiting, where as Meredith was exercising. She’s tough as nails. I suppose we might have taken it as a hint that she’d done this before, but we never get to know more about that, so who knows.

So, yeah, I was shipping it pretty hard after just that.

Once everyone is up and going, Meredith plays a video message for them from Weyland, who was dying when he made it, and since it’s two years later, almost certainly dead. We learn that David was like a son to him, like the son he never had. And so now we know that David came from Weyland’s end, and isn’t, say, attached to the ship.

Dr. Holloway and Elizabeth come to speak with Meredith, and if I recall correctly, David was in her room. (I wish I could go and check my facts.) Ooh! There’s a clip. Hmm. It would seem Meredith sent him to go find Holloway and Elizabeth. Which means he was with her originally. IN BED.

She’s got a bar in there (her quarters are AMAZING – watch the clip and you’ll see), and she orders David to make them some drinks. She basically tells them that she’s the HBIC and doesn’t really care about their mission. Meredith’s pretty much a bitch – I love her, so I don’t feel bad about saying that. She’s snarky and curt with everyone, not just David. But she also just doesn’t believe in the mission, and unlike the true believers, and the crew getting paid, she doesn’t have much to care about.

And this whole time I’m seriously thinking there’s a chance she’s banging the robot just because of the way she treats him, like he’s her sex slave or something. But she kind of treats everyone like that, it’s just the way she is. I guess it reminded me a bit of Dollhouse, with Adele, the cold, calculating leader, trying out her merchandise, aka Victor.

I never know if these references are helpful. They’re probably not. Half the time you probably don’t even know what I’m talking about. But it’s just so helpful to me to make comparisons. It’s like drawing on experience from my life, except instead of real-life experience (because i got none of that) it’s movies and TV shows. I think having seen something similar before, especially if it’s a trope or a formula, really informs the way we respond to it as viewers.

The ship lands on the surface of the moon, and a team goes out to explore. They find a structure, and it’s unclear if it’s natural or not. They find the dead body of an alien inside, as well as some other interesting stuff. I’m the best summarizer ever: they found some interesting stuff.

Meredith and the captain, Janek, have this chemistry-heavy interaction, just an unimportant exchange of a few words, and then I’m thinking she’s banging the captain. But she comes around he’s alone to look at the map they’re making of the structure, and he basically told her that all she had to do was ask for sex. She was put-off and began to leave, but then Janek asked her if she was a robot, so she told him to meet her in her room. So she wasn’t banging the captain. But she is now.  I didn’t suffer any ship-jealousy. It’s not like they were in love. I actually liked it quite a bit. Janek didn’t even seem to like her that much – it was just sex. Their interactions were pretty hot, and I liked the way he handled it. He was upfront about it, if a bit smug. And even though she’s a smart, strong woman, she still reacted to him the way he hoped she would. It was just a very adult, straight-forward type of thing, and yet there was a bit of game to it, too, and I don’t know, I liked it.

Part of my point is that I don’t think it really got in the way of something existing between her and David. Either imagining something sexual is already there or the potential for it in the future.

It becomes pretty clear as the movie progresses that Meredith has a secret agenda. And that David has a secret agenda as well. Eventually we learn it’s sort of the same agenda.

Are you ready for the best scene? And we’re in luck, because the clip was released!

David has been communicating with someone, and then he leaves and is walking down the hallway and Meredith is waiting for him.

She confronts David, asking him what the man had said. David resists telling her, even tells her that the man wouldn’t have wanted David to tell her.





She’s very aggressive in this scene, blocking his pathway, getting up in his face (hot!).





And then eventually throwing him against the wall and  wiping her hand over his face in this hard-to-describe gesture of intimidation. (Although, judging by evidence from a different scene in this movie, he’s probably A LOT stronger than she is.) Then she threatens to cut some cords in him, or something like that, you know, not “kill” him, but make him not work anymore.

And then he tells her that the man said to, “Try harder”.





David is fascinating in this scene. He could overpower her, but he doesn’t. I doubt he’s affected by her threats, but he ends up telling her the truth anyway. He delights in his preferential relationship with the unknown man and in trying to keep Meredith out of the loop, he delights in telling her that she’s failing. This is not robotic behavior.

David heads off on his own do fix a probe, and it’s pretty clear that he has an ulterior motive. Meredith tells him to route the feed from his camera to her bedroom. (Dirty!) He does so, but then he shuts off the feed once he finds something and she is not happy.

She said something about him cutting her off, and all I could think of was the meme on tumblr where you take things that have been cut off and put Gotye’s picture on them, and a little conversation bubble with him saying, “You didn’t have to cut me off.” Like with Van Gogh and his ear.

David infects Dr Holloway with a black substance he found in the structure on the moon. Although if you pay attention, he gets Dr. Holloway’s permission first. There’s a clip! He asks him what he would be willing to do to get answers, and Dr. Holloway says he’d be willing to do anything.

No one should ever say that, because no one is ever willing to do absolutely anything for anything. There’s always a price too high. It’s very cold and methodical the way David goes about it, an important reminder that he’s not just some nice guy. Because he can seem nice sometimes, often asking if people are OK or saving lives in the storm.

Even though it’s horrible watching David infect Dr. Holloway, I really love this scene. Holloway and Elizabeth want to ask the engineers why they created human life on Earth. So David asks Holloway why mankind created him. Holloway says, “Because we could.” And you can see a hint of this answer bothering David. And then he tells Holloway how disappointing it would be for him if that was the engineers’ answer to his question. David feels disappointment.

Meredith is the one who ends up killing Dr. Holloway. There’s a clip! She wouldn’t allow him to get back on the ship once it was clear he was sick, and then he basically committed suicide by trying to get on anyway. He told her to do it. And though she seemed quite cold up until that point, I was actually impressed with how upset she was about doing it. Part of it might have been the horror of killing him with a flame thrower. I suppose it’s a good weapon for disinfecting, but seriously, burning someone is not the most humane way to kill someone. At all. Flame thrower murder – just don’t do it.

Holloway and Elizabeth had sex after he’s been infected, and Elizabeth gets pregnant and has a very rapidly growing alien fetus problem she has to deal with. It’s clear while David is tending to her that he cares more about answers than he does about her. But this isn’t strictly robotic behavior, any “villain” might behave this way. Elizabeth is totally badass through the whole thing.

David seemed to genuinely dislike Dr. Holloway, which was interesting, because, of course, that’s sort of a human emotion and he shouldn’t be feeling it.













There’s something particular about his behavior with Holloway and Meredith. He smiles when Weyland call him his son. He’s generally polite, even caring. I wish we could have seen him interact more with the others so that I could define/refine what makes his interactions with Meredith different.

So, plot twist: Peter Weyland is actually still alive. He was in suspended animation on the ship. Not too surprised? No, neither was I. But that’s OK. David has woken him up, because he has found one of the engineers still alive on the planet. It would seem that all of the others are dead, and what killed them is lying in wait to kill everyone else. Of course.

Meredith has a special operation machine in her quarters, and Elizabeth runs to it and tries to get an abortion, but it’s only configured for men. Some people took this to mean that Meredith is a man, or that the pod is sexist. Ridley Scott himself in an interview I read said that the pod is there for Weyland. That’s why it’s configured for a man. That’s it. Elizabeth still manages to make it give her the surgery she needs.

Meredith goes to speak with Peter, and of course she and David have angry eye sex like they always do.

Second plot twist: Meredith is Weyland’s daughter. I figured this out before they told us, but I wasn’t paying enough attention to a scene much earlier in the movie which would have given it away, when Weyland says that David is like his son, but that he’ll never any real sons. And Meredith is like, “But you’ve got a badass daughter, bitch.” I didn’t need a sob story to love her, but I like that she’s got daddy issues.

So, if David is Weyland’s son, and Meredith is Weyland’s daughter, then that makes them pseudo brother and sister. Yay! And I was seriously cackling in the theater, my forehead in my palm, because of course the one thing I was shipping in this movie would turn out to be pseudo incestuous. Gorgeous human-robot secret agenda not quite incest OTP of win!

Maybe he dyes his hair because he wants to blonde like Meredith. Maybe he’s got like a Jaime/Cersei thing going on.

“A king has his reign, and then he dies.” The Prometheus trailer starts out with that line. I must have seen the Prometheus trailer 3 or 4 times before other movies, so that line is embedded in my brain. It sort of gives me chills just because Charlize delivers it so well, and the story is just of such epic proportions. It turns out that she says this to Weyland, to her father. He hopes that the aliens will have a way to save him. And Meredith is just like, “Bitch, your time has come.” Anyway, she compares him to a king. He has an empire. And he has two children – his legitimate daughter who can’t please him, and his bastard (aka robot) son whom he favors. And it’s just like: yes! Because I love this set-up. Because I love dysfunctional families and sibling rivalries.

And even though all we see is a hint of it, I just love how much might be there. How much I can imagine. How rich of a back story there could be here.

So, David takes Weyland out to visit the single living alien, and then the alien rips off David’s head and uses it to kill Weyland. Boo! We get a reaction shot from Meredith. I’m going to pretend that she’s upset about David too, though, delusions aside, it’s probably mostly about her father.  

The rest of the movie was a roller coaster of false hope and constantly evolving endgame headcanons/wishes:

– No! Maybe David can be fixed! Maybe they’ll come back for him and she’ll fix him and they’ll live happily ever after.

– No, he’s definitely dying. Maybe she’ll die too. And they’ll live happily ever after in Heaven and he’ll go there too because he grew a soul.

– No! He still works, but the space ship and Meredith are going to leave him behind! Maybe he’ll hitch a ride with the alien on the alien ship and they’ll find each other again and live happily ever after.

– No! Meredith is going to die! Maybe David will be destroyed along with the alien ship and they’ll live happily ever after in Heaven.

– No! Meredith is going to live and David is going to be destroyed! Maybe he’ll survive the crash of the alien ship and Meredith will find him and fix him and they’ll live together in the escape pod for two years and then she’ll die because there isn’t any food or proper air and then he’ll kill himself because he became human enough to love her and then they’ll live happily ever after in Heaven.

– No! Meredith was smushed by the falling alien ship but David is still alive. Maybe she wasn’t really smushed and she’ll find him and they’ll live out their days together.

– No! Elizabeth is taking David off the moon and he’s going to live and even if Meredith wasn’t smushed there’s no hope for her on that godsforsaken rock. And even if she did get off the rock they would never find each other again. No!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And that was the ending.

No gorgeous human-robot secret agenda not quite incest OTP happy ending for me.

Not that I was expecting one. Considering how many people died in this movie vs. how many people lived, there was never much chance of them both living. The real problem is people shipping Elizabeth and David because they’re the only two still around after the movie is over. They had some interesting interactions as well, not just the dream bit at the beginning, but while she’s pregnant, and then when she comes to save him. It just doesn’t have the same fire, though. David has an interest in her, but it’s not the same kind of relationship that he has with Meredith. Maybe he cares about Elizabeth more, but not in the way I headcanon it – which is compliant with canon, btw.

Crazy shipping aside, I am seriously bummed that Meredith died. She’s definitely my favorite character. I just love her so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, that’s it, I guess? I’m crazy. I know. I can just imagine some huge Alien or Prometheus fan reading this and like yelling at me in fury saying, “Wow, you totally missed the point.” I’m flipping them off. I ship what I want! I don’t care if I shouldn’t ship David with anyone, or if I really need to get over shipping because this movie isn’t about relationships or whatever. Yeah, I know it’s not a romcom. Leave me alone. What are you even doing reading my blog? /anticipation of being judged

So, my first post after an accidental hiatus. And it was this crap. I can feel your disappointment emanating from my laptop screen and I understand it.

Especially since not only is this a pairing that isn’t canon, but even if it was, it wouldn’t technically be incest.

Good movie, though. Even though you can surmise everything that happened from what I’ve written here, I still recommend seeing it. I thought it was a marvel on the big screen. I liked the soundtrack too.

I should just stop writing.

But I wont!

In this deleted scene Weyland says that he made David 8 “in [his] image”., which means maybe David even has some sort of physical resemblance to Weyland, and in case is supposed to be somewhat like him. Or even a DNA connection in his “organic” parts. We know that his company made David and that Weyland would have had full control over all of the design features, so whether appearance wise or in personality or whatever Weyland indeed wanted David to be his son, which makes it even more incesty. So maybe the genetic material used to make the organic parts of him did come from Weyland in some way.

Disclaimer: I didn’t make any of these GIFs, I stole them all from tumblr.

Now, onto the fandom treasures.


Chalk Talk – short, but good. Smutty.

And…that’s it. Sucks so bad.

I’ve seen a few other people say they ship it. I am not alone. Plus that story has a ton of kudos.

Have some more pics of Charlize and Michael:


Well, it has been a couple of weeks since I saw this movie and wrote this entry, and now more people have seen it and have shipped David and Meredith. I thought I would just add a few things in order to give this entry some completeness. So, new fandom treasures:


David going Jaime on Meredith’s Cersei? Yeah, I love that.

Most of the above were posted on tumblr, but here’s a link to a Deviant art group for the pairing.

Also, you remember what I said about Gotye? Look at this:

And there was another one too. I definitely wasn’t the only one who thought of that. Silly meme.


I’ve gotten to this place where I fear nothing is safe on the internet. Apparently deleted some stories, and it’s just like nothing is sacred anymore. Isn’t this one of the signs of apocalypse? So I actually think I’m going to post the stories right here instead of just linking to them. I was going to do that for stories from tumblr anyway, because people change their tumblr urls and then the links don’t work anymore, and some people have themes that make it difficult to read their text.

Sibling Rivalry

It was far from unusual for Meredith Vickers to request the android to fill her bath. David was a servant. Anything and everything the crew could have wanted, he would perform, especially for his “sister”.

It’s not like he could feel desire, feel lust as the blonde shrugged off the thin robe before the robot’s eyes, letting it fall to the lavish marble of the personal washroom she was given.

He’s not real.”

Cold, steel orbs glared through David as Meredith’s body sunk below the steaming water in the grand basin, the delicate smile that always tugged at the corners of his lips growing at the revelation of her nudity.

She didn’t know how it happened, why it happened, but before Meredith could respond the android’s large hands rubbed at her bare, wet shoulders, the tense muscles unknotting below taught, pale flesh, lips and tongue as real as any man’s attacking her neck.

Her temperature soared, blood pulsing in her veins as David’s hands ran lower, over the pairs of ribs on her sides, brushing the hard muscles of her abdomen before disappearing between her milky thighs and slipping a digit into her heat.

The commander of the Prometheus arched off the porcelain wall of the tub. His hands, oh god his hands – warm, strong, human. They curled perfectly inside his mistress, searching for the hidden spot to make her moan his name and bend her statuesque physique to his will.

Meredith hated him. Hated it. Hated it and loved it. Loved how he touched her, how he manipulated her clitoris in perfect rhythm, her tight walls clenching around his fingers just right… David could precisely measure her temperature, her blood pressure, the tensing of her walls… of it to the most exact decimal, ministrations forever changing to match the roll of his mistresses’ hips.

Everything else about the thing above her Meredith hated… hated how perfect he was, how beautiful her father had constructed him; a perfect male counterpart to her subdued feminism. Her anger showed when they made love; when she scratched him, bit at the synthetic flesh of the god-like man who’s hands roamed her body. Tearing at him, hissing his name as her teeth sunk into his throat. Meredith always wished that maybe – just maybe – if she dug deep enough, she could carve out some of his perfection and make it her own, to pull some of what made him so beautiful away for herself.

“He’ll never love either of us, you know.”

David always whispered it to her, hushed, lips grazing her ears at the end of their sessions before she pushed him from her bed to dress alone, smacking him across the face. The man she couldn’t hurt. She wanted no more than to break him down and watch him beg and cry for her mercy.

She knew he loved her though, more than her ‘father’ ever had. As much as the android’s false-emotions could feel love for the human, anyway.

Meredith Vickers hated when David was right.

Alternate Thursdays

I’ll just link to that one.  It’s on Archive Of Our Own.

But just in case you want to check for yourself, since I don’t know if I’ll update again:

Prometheus on

David/Meredith on AO3

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8 Responses to Prometheus

  1. Cassandra says:

    Haha…love this post. Sucks that she dies!!! And they didn’t get together… and I have that intuition about incest couples too! Great minds!

    • Shipcestuous says:

      I really wished there could have been a few more scenes between them. There’s really only three main characters and David and Meredith make up two of those three, so it would have made sense for them to have quite a few scenes together. Oh well. I was pretty upset that she died, but it’s the type of movie where basically everyone dies, so I don’t really feel like I have the right to complain.

      Great minds, indeed!

  2. hoagie says:

    First off I actually saw Android apocalypse one very boring night on the sci fi (syfy?) channel and I expected it to be terrible but was pleasantly surprised, like you said it might not be a great movie but its definitely watchable. Its probably not that original of a plot but I liked how the two main characters slowly became friends.

    Anyway onto Prometheus, Michael Fassbender as David was My favorite part of the movie, I remember when I saw Prometheus for the first I was captivated by the scenes of David trying to keep himself entertained while everyone else slept.There was something so intensely interesting about those early scenes, I guess I have always found the idea of a machine understanding that it was alive fascinating but the fact that Michael Fassbender is so talented certainly helped.

    I think your being too harsh with yourself in this article, it is not crap, and your definitely not the only one to take and ship characters from a movie that wasn’t in anyway romantic or throw two characters together even if it doesn’t make that much sense. That’s not to say David and Meredith make no sense, since i think you were spot on about the sexual tension between them plus the whole sibling rivalry between them is the kind of thing that can make shipping so much fun. I love weird and out there pairings or even love/hate relationships type pairings which is why I like this blog, that and the crazy amount of thought you put into these Entries.

    One last thing and this is really off topic but have you seen the any of latest season of It’s Always sunny in Philadelphia? The first episode of the new season “The Gang Broke Dee” to my surprise and amazement had a heavy element of Dennis and Dee in it and the first thing I thought of after seeing it was this blog. I would really like to hear what you thought of it, assuming you have watched it and if you haven’t I recommend it.

    • Shipcestuous says:


      Android Apocalypse! That’s the sort of random reference I make that I would never expect anyone to get, but you did! Have you heard about the new show Almost Human with Karl Urban that’s premiering in a few weeks? It sounds like it might be the same sort of thing except they solve crimes.

      David wass definitely the most interesting part of this movie for me and I think a lot of people would agree. Michael Fassbender brought SO MUCH to the role – nuances and intensity. He really made the character intriguing and I’m sure that’s at least partially responsible for why I shipped David and Meredith so much (and I still do) and why, thankfully, I’m not alone. When I wrote this I expected to be sailing a lonely ship but the fandom surprised me.

      I’m really glad to hear that you saw the sexual tension and enjoyed the sibling rivalry aspect like I did. Part of the reason I spent so much of this entry apologizing is that the pairing didn’t fit into the strictly-incest guidelines I try to follow, but I do think the sibling rivalry and daddy issues and ambiguous how-much-of-a-family-were-they questions make it infinitely more interesting of a ship. I’m really fascinated with the idea of a preteen/teenaged Meredith dealing with David’s introduction into the family.

      It’s good to hear that you enjoy the crazy amount of thought I put into these entries because sometimes I finish writing them and I wonder if being so detailed is making the entries boring and too long, but then I get to hooked on the idea of them being as thorough as possible because if they’re not thorough then what’s the point? Anyway, it’s just hugely wonderful and delightful to hear that you enjoy the blog, and that you enjoy out-there pairings and love/hate pairings because I do so so much.

      Your comment about It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia is extremely pertinent because it’s actually the next write-up that I’m planning. It’s a big project (covering all nine seasons) and I’ve had some distractions or else it would have been done already. When I saw down to watch The Gang Broke Dee I had no idea that it was going to be so unbelievably delightful and shippy. I still get giggly just thinking about it. I already shipped Dennis and Dee, ever since I marathoned the show a few years back, but ever since The Gang Broke Dee they’ve slowly become one of my favorite pairings. I have a ton of things to say about that episode, but I decided, in my stupidity, to cover the entire series. So keep your eye out because I am determined to finish and publish that entry, unlike a few others that I have started and abandoned over the past few months.

      Thank you so much for your comment! It means so much to me to get feedback of any kind and I loved reading your thoughts.

      • hoagie says:

        I have seen the commercials for almost human, i don’t think you can watch fox for longer than thirteen seconds without seeing one right now. I don’t usually like serious shows on T.V for some reason but I am going to check Almost Human out, since I like Karl Urban and anything with robots, androids or whatever usually peaks my interest. Weirdly the Sarah Connor chronicles, which i think was on fox too, was the last time i was really into a serious show since i have always loved Terminator and I had a little crush (understatement) on Summer Glau.

        I am very excited to hear your doing a write up on Dennis and Dee and I cant wait to see you put their relationship under a microscope. I’ll be patient though so don’t rush it! I’m sure covering all nine seasons is a monumental undertaking.

        • Shipcestuous says:

          I actually haven’t seen any commercials for Almost Human, but I’m going to give it a try. I like robots, and I like Karl Urban, but I don’t like police procedurals/murder-of-the-week shows (generally speaking), so I’m on the fence about it.

          Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles was one of my great loves. The nice thing about Summer Glau is that she’s always on something. She’s always got work because everyone loves her. An entry on Firefly is happening one of these days. It was probably my first request after I started this blog and I still haven’t written it. I’m the worst!

          I didn’t know I had so much to say about Dennis and Dee when I got started. I thought I would just cover some of the most suggestive scenes, and then a couple more to give a more balanced sense of what their relationship is like, but then I started writing and I swear I had a comment for every single time they stood next to each other and I’ve gotten addicted to giffing everything even though I find it rather tedious sometimes. Anyway, thank you for telling me not to rush it. I’m surprised by how much interest I’ve had in the Dennis/Dee entry so I’m going to try very hard for quality.

  3. Oh, the antagonism between Meredith and David was so woefully unexplored. I would have loved to see what happened before the movie; if Weyland played them against each other, if going out on the same mission for Weyland is a regular thing, if they ever see each other outside of ‘business’.
    I love the idea you propose that David dyes his hair to be more like Meredith. Perhaps not necessarily in emulation, but perhaps trying to prove he can be just like Weyland’s own flesh and blood.

    • Shipcestuous says:

      Yes yes yes! I have a million different ideas about what the David-Weyland-Meredith dynamic was like in the time before the movie takes place. It was such a fascinating family and we learned so little about that aspect of it. Sometimes I like to imagine that he was introduced to the family when she was very young and Meredith was very accepting of him at first until she realized he was a rival for her father’s “affections”, at other times I imagine she was hostile from the start. And maybe David earned that hostility, or maybe his relative coldness towards her is a response to the way she treats him. There are so many ideas to play around with.

      I’m glad you enjoyed that relationship as well. Thank you for the comments!

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