First, let me say that there are several invaluable resources for leaning how to communicate effectively with those crazy internet peeps and for figuring out what the hell they’re talking about:

1) Television Tropes and Idioms – an encyclopedic, brilliant, often insulting, and often hilarious website that attempts to record and understand the devices and conventions of fiction and how audiences respond to them (Beware of this site: hazards include bladder infections and sleeplessness. You’ll click one link, and then before you know it you’ve got 25 tabs open and it’s dawn.)

2) The Fanlore Wiki – all about what fans do and what fans say

3) Urban Dictionary – language is alive, and now there’s a way to keep up with it

Of course my personal favorite is Google + “what does [blank] mean?”



******to ship (verb) – etymologically related to the word “relationship”, it essentially means to root for two people to get sexually or romantically involved with each other. Can vary from hoping for a sexual encounter to wanting them to fall in love and end up happily ever.

*shipping (noun) – the desiring of a fictional romance to come about, or the desiring of that romance to continue.

* ship (noun) – a romantic coupling/ pairing that one roots for.

*shipper (noun) – someone who engages in the act of rooting for fictional romances, someone who is invested in a certain pairing, and in rooting for that pairing.

******canon (noun/adjective) – what truly is, as opposed to what is speculation or desired. “What counts”, “what actually happened”.  The (as much as is possible) indisputable facts of the source material.

-What should and shouldn’t be accepted as canon is often up for debate, or personal discretion, as I like to see it

-I’ll most often be using it in phrases such as “it’s canon”, which means that I can make a statement about what a character did or felt and prove that it happened , or in references to the “canon couple”, which is to say a pairing that actually is in a romantic relationship or obviously/definitely headed that way based on evidence, and not just what I would like to happen.

******OTP/One True Pairing (noun) – the pairing that one prefers above all other possible pairings for the characters in question. An endgame ship. May also simply refer to the intensity with which one ships it.

-Can be used as an adjective – “so OTP”, meaning exhibiting characteristics of a romantic relationship that is meant to be or going to last.

-variations include “brotp” (brother+otp) – a platonic/friendship relationship that inspires the same feelings and investment as an OTP; and OT3, OT4, etc. – OTPs that include more than two people (the understood sexual implications/behaviors of OT3’s, etc., are, in my opinion, not universal).

******shipping goggles (noun) – the rosy lens through which a supporter of a particular pairing is able to view their pairing and interpret what happens – the smallest of interactions, the most ambiguous of dialogue-  as evidence of the fact that the two characters in question already are together, or ought to be together.

-These is what I wear all of the time. They allow me to put aside reason and common sense, and see what I want to see. I hope you’ll put on your shipping goggles with me, because that’s more fun. I’m not actually self-deluded, but if you don’t realize that I’m wearing my shipping goggles, you might think that I am, so it’s very important that you understand this term. Important to me, anyway.

-You’ll more often use me hear the term shipper spin – to take what was said or done and twist it and interpret it in such a way that it supports the pairing that one favors.

******narrative kink (noun) – a very specific element, trope, motif, image, characteristic, or trait in fiction that appeals very strongly to a viewer or reader. Something they’re interested in, drawn to, thrilled/excited by.

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2 Responses to GLOSSARY

  1. aK says:

    Wow, is this and the ‘Index’ what you were doing that made them think you were violating some ‘T&Cs’?
    I’m glad that everything got sorted out and that your blog is back because this is awesome! The layout, everything; all your effort has been well spent and your fans appreciate it 😉

    • Shipcestuous says:

      Oh, thank you so much!!!!!

      I’ve spent a lot of time the past week setting up the index, redoing the sidebar, redoing the “about” section, editing my very first entry, etc. I really was excited to get things fixed up, and WordPress had to go and be stupid right in the middle of it. The blog was suspended during the time when I was editing my tags and categories, which I have not finished doing because I’m worried it’ll get shut down again. That process doesn’t have anything at all to do with links to other sites, which is what seems to be the main issue when it comes to violating the terms and conditions, so it still doesn’t make any sense to me.

      But I’m just happy it’s back up, and hopefully, looking better than ever.

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