The Color Wheel

Management business first:

I have to apologize yet again for how long it has been since my last post on this blog, particularly since my last post of any substance. My excuses are the usual ones – a lot of enormous projects in the works, all incomplete – and various irrelevant distractions. Those of you who hang out there realize that the tumblr associated with this blog is now the true home of my incest shipping activity, and this wordpress is designated for long, detailed, essay-like commentaries. Tumblr has its disadvantages – and they are many – but it has proven to be the best platform for small daily updates and especially for communal interaction.

I’m slowly making the tumblr more navigable, and I plan to have easy, helpful links up very soon to help interested parties keep track of posts about their favorite ships and to find new titles that appeal to them. It is my hope that particularly those of you who do not like tumblr will be able to find what you want quickly without having to deal too much with everything else. I’ll post an update here on the wordpress once that undertaking has reached a satisfying level of usability/completion.

In the meantime, while the ship-specific tag pages and the “incestlopedia” are not up yet, my general tags page is functional, and the links on there will take you straight to recommendations, commentary posts, message/recommendation follow ups, etc., – everything you might want to check out without having to wade through yet another Klaus/Rebekah gifset.

tumblr_inline_n9r48gy4cM1raz8h1Introduction to The Color Wheel:

Some gift-to-mankind of an anon recommended a movie called The Color Wheel a few weeks back. I followed up on the recommendation a day or two later – hoping to like it, of course, but without terribly high expectations. Well, to say I loved it is a comical understatement. I’ve watched it about eight times – I’ve lost count, to tell the truth, and it’ll be a bigger number soon enough – and it has become one of my favorite movies ever.

The Color Wheel is an indie comedy from 2011 filmed in a nostalgic black and white style about two siblings – J.R. and her younger brother Colin – whose lives are one big failure, and who can’t stand each other about as much as no one else can stand either of them. After J.R.’s boyfriend/former professor kicks her out, she asks Colin to go on a short road trip with her to help her move her things. They’re forced to confront the bad decisions that they’ve made,  the reality of where they’re at in their lives, and the fact that maybe they actually get along pretty well.


*cough incest cough*

This movie is the whole package. As I lay out in this post, it fulfills every criteria one could possibly hope to find in their dream incest movie. 

I had a request for a breakdown of the scene that leads up to the climax of the movie – namely the consummation of J.R. and Colin’s growing incestuous attraction. So I’ve written it up and I’m publishing it on here since it’s a little lengthy. This is not an analysis of the entire film, just of that one scene. Without the context of the rest of the movie, it’s not going to mean very much. I wholeheartedly recommend this movie to everyone interested in canon incest, so I very much encourage you to watch it.

I wrote this post right after I watched it for the first time and it offers some more non-spoilery details about what to expect from the movie. For those of you who have seen it, this is my tag for commentary of Colin and J.R.’s relationship, and there are a handful of posts in the tag that discuss other parts of the movie (some of them somewhat in depth) in addition to the scene I’m going to analyze below. So even though this post only deals with one scene, there is plenty of other commentary about J.R. to be found on the tumblr.

“Sounds like your kind of guy”:1I was deeply flattered and more than happy to oblige the lovely anon who requested a breakdown of the scene leading up to JR and Colin’s epically epic make out session. I wouldn’t normally feel the need to write any commentary on a pairing that ends up together and so clearly needed to, but The Color Wheel is sometimes so delightfully subtle and with a great movie and a great pairing like this, there’s nothing more fun than teasing out some of the indicators and details from their journey of coming together. The Color Wheel is perfection, if I haven’t made that clear yet, and since my idea of perfection involves a long, winding road, that means there’s plenty to analyze along the way.

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22 Reasons Why We Ship Incest

One of my lovely tumblr anonymice recently asked me, “Why do you think people ship incest?” And I thought a big question deserved a big answer, so I spent some time pondering the subject, reviewing my discussions with other shippers, and muckraking in the frightening depths of my twisted mind, and I’ve come up with 22 whys and wherefores.

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