Bart/Cindy Quotes From Seeds of Yesterday

I enjoyed immensely Bart and Cindy in Lifetime’s Seeds of Yesterday, the 4th and final installment in their Flowers in the Attic/Dollanganger movie series, adapted from the book series by V.C. Andrews.

I had not read beyond the first book, but the movie adaptations did such a good job of making the series appeal to me more than it ever had before that I’ve recently read them all.

Lamentably, Bart and Cindy are not canon in the book the way they are in the movie adaptation (four for you, Lifetime), but it’s still a very suggestive relationship and I kept track of quotes about their relationship as I was reading along.

(Of course I immensely enjoyed Cathy and Chris as well, but that’s for another time.)

If you’re interested in more Bart/Cindy, here is my tag for them on my tumblr.

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Canon brother/sister incest in Call Me Fitz – totally consensual, and neither one dies!

YOU READ THAT RIGHT, friends. This is a rare gem. RING A DING DING. Come hear the banjo play.

01 Call Me Fitz PosterFirst I want to thank lorasyrels for making such a helpful list of incest recs. I never would have seen Call Me Fitz if it weren’t for that list.

I also want to say that I’ve uploaded all of the relevant scenes, either to be watched in a playlist here or you can download a zip with all of the .avi files here.

Call Me Fitz is a ½ hour comedy that ran for four seasons on HBO Canada. (I can find no official announcement about its ending – every site seems to list it as current, and yet the last episode was over a year ago. In my opinion, the show has ended, and  it was planned. The last episode worked perfectly as a series finale in several ways, and the other season finales had cliffhangers and nothing conclusive about them. And also because there is no information about a fifth season being in the works, which there would be by now.)

In the tradition of U.S. HBO anything goes with the language, the content is rated H for “holy crap” and the story is told in a serial rather than episodic format.

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