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Formal Announcement

This information has been in the sidebar, but I don’t think I ever formally announced that my new posts are now at I have used up all my storage space on this blog, which is why I need to … Continue reading

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Lord Byron/Augusta

I don’t know very much about the 19th century poet Lord Byron, so this will not have much of a historical perspective, and is mostly about the 2003 movie Byron. But it was rumored, during this lifetime, and continues to … Continue reading

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Olympian Gods + Movies + Ships

I recently rewatched Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief, and was struck for the first time by the relationship between Poseidon and Athena. (Yes, I’m sorry, once again this post is not strictly brother/sister.) This got me thinking … Continue reading

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Mr. Robot – Elliot/Darlene

I received a lot of messages about the surprise canon incest in Mr. Robot, so I know a lot of you watch it, but for those of you who don’t, let me start off by recommending the show itself. It … Continue reading

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The Judge

So scarlettwittch on tumblr informed me that the movie The Judge had canon uncle/niece incest in it, and I am eternally grateful. Because it sure did, and it was delightful. I also have to say that I really enjoyed the movie a … Continue reading

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Bart/Cindy Quotes From Seeds of Yesterday

I enjoyed immensely Bart and Cindy in Lifetime’s Seeds of Yesterday, the 4th and final installment in their Flowers in the Attic/Dollanganger movie series, adapted from the book series by V.C. Andrews. I had not read beyond the first book, but … Continue reading

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Canon bro/sis in Call Me Fitz

This is a rare gem. The incest is totally consensual and no one dies! RING A DING DING. Come hear the banjo play. First I want to thank lorasyrels for making such a helpful list of incest recs. I never … Continue reading

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The Secret of Moonacre

The Secret of Moonacre was recommended to me last week by an Anon who should be honored and praised. It’s basically Beauty and the Beast, if the beast were Belle’s uncle. This is not a brother/sister ship, and so it … Continue reading

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Curfew/Before I Disappear

Curfew is a short film (20 min.) that won the Academy Award in 2012. It’s about Richie (Shawn Christensen, also the writer and director), a young man on the verge of suicide who receives a desperate call from his estranged … Continue reading

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The Color Wheel

  Introduction to The Color Wheel: Some gift-to-mankind of an anon recommended a movie called The Color Wheel a few weeks back. I followed up on the recommendation a day or two later – hoping to like it, of course, but without … Continue reading

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